After pricing aftermarket rip fences and having more time than money I decided that I would attempt to build one. Space is at a premium so I didn't want to make the table too large, yet I still wanted it to be fairly versatile.
Buying all new steel, heavier than some manufactured brands, plus hardware I spent about $100.00.
With the miter gauge in the slot and the edge of the router table against the bar I placed a long clamp across the width of the table. I put a temporary bolt in the hole and moved the miter gauge to the back, clamped the back of the table and drilled a hole at the back and in the center. When drilling and tapping I like to drill a hole through both pieces with the proper sized bit for threading, then enlarge the hole to accept the bolt in the other piece. What I liked about the fence is that it really does auto-square itself quite nicely, despite the stiffness of its locking lever. The riving knife (splitter) helps prevent kickback by separating the workpiece and its cut-off after passing through the blade. Anti-kickback pawls work as sort of ratchet mechanism, allowing wood to move forward but not backwards.
As with most new table saws on the market, the GTS1031 features a blade guard that also locks onto the riving knife. The blade-height controls are a tad bit too close to the power switch box for my liking, but I never once skinned my knuckles when holding onto the wheel knob with my fingers.
Bevel adjustment is enabled by rotating the red knob next to the blade height adjustment wheel, and the table extension can be allowed to move by raising the red lever beneath the table surface. The front of the saw, as well as the sides, are recessed behind its structural features, giving the saw a rectangular profile. At the end of the day, there were a few very minor complaints – riving knife controls I was not too fond of, a thin throat plate that did not always snap into proper position on the first try, and a rip fence clamping lever that sends me back to the gym for hand-strength exercises.
The minor complaints are offset by many praises Рeasy adjustment, quick setup and breakdown, solid performance, perfect calibration right out of the box, great documentation, smooth and flat table top, and the ability to use a dado set with the saw. From your opening remarks Рdo I take it that Bosch plans to phase out the 4100 which is a much more capable jobsite saw.

In my opinion, the GTS1031 may have been designed to meet a $400 pricepoint to allow it to compete directly with Dewalt’s popular compact saw. I am curious about how you setup one of your 4100s to accommodate a router table surface – am I right in assuming this is a drop-in that fits into the extension rails in some way?
I haven’t heard about the 4100 suffering early motor failures, but will ask and look around to see if this is something I missed.
Woodpeckers One Time Tool: 45-90 Stainless Steel Triangles for Marking Angles Time For a Bigger Drill Press - Recommendations? Join 11,264 of us on the Homemade Tools forum, and get your free 50 Must Read Homemade Tools ebook. After removing the stock wings on my Craftsman contractors saw I decided to just add an extension on the right hand side and incorporate a router insert that I had already built.
In the future if I wish I can remove the rectangular tube from the rail and replace it with a longer one thereby gaining more capacity. Smaller and lighter than Bosch’s venerable 4100 saw, the GTS1031 was also designed with ultimate portability in mind. Both sides of the fence are smooth and straight, which makes it quick and easy to install an auxiliary or sacrificial fence. Adjusting the height of the riving knife is done relatively quickly, but the operation could have been made easier. Installation is also quick and easy, and both guard arms can be snapped into an upright position temporarily when necessary. Every accessory docks inside the saw neatly, including the fence, which attaches to the underside of the table surface. Bosch did a decent job of creating a very jobsite and home-friendly form factor without sacrificing usability or performance. Review samples are typically returned, donated, or in some cases retained for further testing or benchmark and comparison purposes.
With the addition of some jigs and bolt on extension it fit very well in a limited space garage. I bumped the rip fence pretty hard and broke the plastic alignment piece(still works just needs checking for square ).

We reviewed the GTS1031 to see how well it performs and whether it truly is the ultimate compact portable table saw. The lever is a bit stiff to operate, and although you can loosen up the clamping pressure, doing so can throw things out of square. Not only is the inner saw compartment somewhat cramped, it sometimes took a little hunting to find the correct height position in low light, a minor complaint.
Since I have a very small shop, I stored the saw next to a tool chest on the bottom shelf of my workbench between review uses and tests. It is my understanding that the GTS1031 is the smaller, lighter, and more affordable sibling to the 4100. Very well designed and really portable, what was hard to say about 4100 which I used to have and sold. The mechanism is very well designed, and the spring-loaded lock is very easy on the fingers. But there is something so gratifying about being able to fit a table saw, even a compact portable jobsite saw, in a small shop. I had initially assumed that the GTS1031 was a potential replacement, but based on specs and features, not to mention the gravity-stand combo capabilities, it makes more sense that the new model is in a class of its own. Dust direction is mediocre, but a shroud and 4″ dust collection port can be used to minimize clean-up times. The ability to store the saw neatly on its side opens the doors for a lot of beginner woodworkers and homeowners. Miter Gauge in fact is short but was designed for storage under the table so what can you expect?
I can’t find anything about recalls on it but maybe they will fix this problem in the future for the next guy ( or girl).

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