Phantom 5 smart phone, has just arrived into the market by Tecno mobile just few hours, powered with most powerful android features with 3GB ram capacity and fingerprint identity sensor. The Tecno Phantom Z mini (Tecno A7 Mini) was announced at the tail end of 2014 causing another stir in the smartphone ecosystem in Nigeria. As arguably as this might sound, I can outrightly say that the Phantom Z mini remains the best designed Tecno phone ever. The Phantom Z mini is a 5-inch display dual SIM Android device (as revealed in the unboxing article) that makes you ask the question ‘why mini?’ when most smartphone minis always fall with the 4-4.5 inch range. The front facing camera, a flash and the proximity sensor are positioned at the top of the display screen while the three navigation keys are placed just below. Button arrangements are a bit different from what we had on the Phantom Z, only the volume rocker appears on the left hand side of the phone while both the power button and the SIM card tray are on the right hand side. The Phantom Z mini has a 5-inch, impressive super AMOLED display with a resolution of 720×1280 and pixel density of 294ppi.
When I heard about the phantom Z mini, the first thing I looked out for was whether the front camera has a flash just like the Phantom Z. Picture quality is decent and very natural but the quality varied with the amount of lighting. While I am not a picture person, the Flash on the front facing camera got me doing lots of selfies especially at night when PHCN performs their normal routine. There are some pre-installed apps such as Gmail, YoTtube, Maps from Google and some Tecno customized apps such as like Tecno wallpapers, Palmchat. I will conclude by saying that the Phantom Z is not a actaully a mini when you look at the specs sheet and the display size because you have flagship devices with the same or less specification. Phantom Pad II G9 is a tablet designed to meet your mobile lifestyle and functionality needs.
The Tecno Phantom 5 offers premium design and performance at a more affordable mid-range price.

Pre-loaded the latest Google android OS version 5.1 LolliPop, The mobile pohone has a Dual sim functionality with full 4G support, which is very easy with super speed internet connectivity. With top notch specifications and quality design, one can only say that the company has gone a long way to always improve upon previous phone released. For anyone who has been following trends in the smartphone industry, you will find out that a smartphone mini depicts a smaller sized flagship product with lower specifications. Smartphones with premium designs now come metallic and the Mini is not left out, material quality is good and it comes with metallic trim that goes round side of the phone.
The Home button also serves as the notification light that turns on whenever there is a missed call, message.
The size of the phone and its display makes it delightfully sit in my hand, there is no difficulty in reaching out to extreme ends of the screen and buttons when using one hand. You get an impressive picture when taking pictures during the day, pictures taken under low light too can could be reasonably fair. Daylight selfies qualities are also sharp and natural with the 8MP camera and then you become a photo star at night with the flash sitting right beside the front camera. The ‘Tap to wake’ feature, which allows you to wake the phone from idle mode by simply double tapping the screen and the ‘Quick Start’ feature that starts the device by making specific gestures on the screen are also available on the device. There is also Palmplay app that contains many Android Package (APK) files which you can click to install some applications like Instagram, Twitter.
Although small, one need not worry about because it lasted me for a full day about 16 hours on 3G and a full day on 2G on average usage level like receiving and making calls, IM, social media and surfing the internet. Perhaps the name mini was coined out of the fact that the company wnated to provide a less affordable top notch device similar to the phantom Z, if my assumption is right then customers are provided a big advantage because the device is a good phone and goes for about 35k. While this can be said of the phantom Z mini, a first look at the phone will tell you one thing….. There is a non-removable well-polished back cover, a 13MP camera, LED flash and loud speaker at the back of the phone.

Images looked natural on the display, I thought I was going to experience some sort of over saturation with the super AMOLED technology but this wasn’t so, colours on images and videos looked real, vibrant and natural. Camera unit has a circular rim and not protruding outwards, it is housed beneath the back cover.
Taking pictures at night will require the use of the flash which delivers an average picture quality depending on the distance of the subject.
Tecno simply redefined the selfie game with the front flash, you need not worry about taking selfies at night.
It makes use of a 1.3 GHz Quad Core Cortex-A7 processor which makes your tablet respond faster without freezing.
Multimedia experience is decent with the display, the 5-inch still makes an adequate real estate for watching movies on mobile while viewing angle is also great.
The Phantom Pad II G9 is very sleek and reflects your personality whenever it is seen in your hand. It has a 5MP camera to capture those beautiful moments with friends and family and a 5MP front camera for making video calls or taking selfies. This Tecno tablet comes with in-built applications like games and social media apps and you can get more of these from the google playstore. It also has dual SIM capabilities, so you never have to worry about mobile network problems as you can easily switch between two lines.

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