Losing everything to disasters and becoming homeless is one of the hardest things to adjust to. Designed by Profesor Allen Samuels of University of Michigan, it takes inspiration from stack-able plastic beds, which are used in prisons. Designed by Kelvin Yong, it is a prefabricated modular system that provides spacious shelter to disaster victims. This mobile home contains an area, which contains recyclable materials that can be sold, as one of the means to support themselves. Taking inspiration from the aftermath of Indian Ocean Earthquake, this shelter is a solution to natural catastrophes in any region, which is susceptible to Tsunamis. Designed by Jordan Cleland, it has a self skinning foam that expands on opening the package. Studio D’s concept, it explores the usage and application of common materials in the development of temporary shelters. By Pwharram, It is especially designed, so that it can be easily packed and transported to disaster zones.
Designed by Italian group ZO_loft architecture & design, it is a private and portable shelter for the homeless or the refugees. It is a concept of portable emergency housing, which will help people to meet all the need caused by disastrous events. A conceptual project by Paul Villinski was destined to be a rolling space that would allow the artists to work in disaster settings. Designed by John Moriarty, this emergency shelter is envisioned to protect you in the extreme environments. Designed by Joseph Steinberger, it is constructed using local colors, materials and traditions.

Designed by Alexandre Moget, this transitional housing is designed for post-disaster situations.
I found this to be a wonderful compilation of creative, small scale shelters applicable to many situations of homelessness. These shelters not only provide a roof over the head, but also save people from traumatic situations.
The center of the sphere is made out to be a social place, which offers an opportunity come in contact with each other. It provides instant relief to people when needed, as it provides energy, shelter, food and clean water through human power. The shelter consists of simple elements not exceeding 2m, easy to carry, easy to assemble and ready to build furniture. Developed by Gene Daniels, it also provides storage for some personal belongings and privacy. Designed by Rafael Smith, it can be very quickly transported and reassembled, that too with the help of few tools. However, as the project continued, he began to view it as a prototype for self-sufficient and solar powered mobile housing, even as a possible alternative for FEMA trailers. All you need to do is, suspend it from a tree or a rock and tuck yourself in the safe and warmness of cocoon. It is intended to help thousands of earthquake survivors to return to life sustaining farms. It uses a butterfly roof that helps in collecting water and providing lighting and ventilation. We run network of high quality 50+ high niche websites with millions of regular visitors, Please connect with us.

Providing a safe haven at the end of the day and in situations when needed the most, these shelters are ingeniously talented. It also comes with a possibility to accommodate piping, drainage and other living facilities.
It can also be zipped to another, creating large shelter that can accommodate 12 people at a time.
The families and inhabitants are provided with security and companionship without sacrificing the privacy.
It is deployed in a flat packed unit from where it can be easily assembled by two people without the help of any tools. Some of these are talented at being modular, but all are talented at displaying innovation.
Its capacity to be fitted in ¼ of a shipping container means a ship can contain housing for 100,000 people at a time. Solar panels and wind turbine on the roof generate power, half of one of the walls is folded down and inside the trailer there stands modular furniture. It is covered with a web of double-thick felt, which can in turn create an outdoor space for storage and assembly.
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