Outdoor fireplaces are great gathering places for friends and family, and they can be a valuable addition to any backyard, deck or outdoor living space. Outdoor fireplaces set the scene to dine alfresco and provide warmth for outside gatherings on cool nights. Rich wood textures and a cozy stone fireplace make this outdoor living room the ultimate mountain escape.
We think that most fun part of the house is backyard you probably also think the same because there are so many things we can do in this place, one of which is a garden or relaxing place for all my family.
Le bassin d’eau dans le jardin peut etre une fontaine, une petite piscine decorative, un etang ou une belle cascade qui a une fonction deco. Mais avec la grande variete de bassins d’eau proposee, il peut etre vraiment difficile de choisir celui qui ira bien dans notre jardin. Gas hookup: Add a gas hookup to your pergola for a beautiful fire feature such as a fire bowl, fire put or fireplace or include a stunning outdoor kitchen complete with a grill island and wet bar. Most everyone would agree that autumn sparks in us an increased sense of enjoyment in being outdoors.
Ultimately, the outdoor fireplace that's right for your home's exterior space will be one that reflects your personality and your goals for fireside fun. With lush greenery peeking from behind the fireplace, this outside space invites you to relax. For a custom fireplace design use materials significant to your area, like river rock for a cabin in the woods or shells for a beachy cottage. Leaving a neglected backyard will harm you, backyard pool ideas as the best choice to realize modern and comfortable simming pool design.

Pensez a la deco de votre jardin, a l’espace libre, aux types de plantesĀ  et regardez nos belles propositions. They not only provide cover from the hot Florida sun, but also serve as an ideal place for flowering vine plants to grow.
Try rope lights along the top to add ambience, wall mounted fixtures on the columns for direct lighting or overhead hanging lights to illuminate the entire space. The crisp mornings, vivid sky, cool evenings, are even more pleasurable with an outdoor living space one can retreat to.
Open space can give a natural time to relax, you also can create a small garden or placing outdoor furniture as you like.
Aluminum is typically more inexpensive than wood, it’s easy to maintain and pest proof. What better time to be inspired to create a beautiful space that can be enjoyed year-round? Take a moment to look at outdoor pool ideas with backyard, pool design find your favorite here.
Historically, pergolas linked pavilions or extended from a building’s door to an open garden feature such as an isolated terrace or pool.
On the other hand, people choose wood because it’s ability to blend into the natural landscape while maintaining strength and durability. Pergolas can provide comfort and shade to your backyard, bringing the Jacksonville summer temperature down a few degrees to a comfortable level. The Tiny House Family does it, and the DIY, money-saving way they went about it is attracting them a lot of attention.

Today, many are freestanding structures providing shelter and shade to a length of walkway or patio area. Hari, Karl and their son and daughter's small living adventure began when the sour economy caused their award-winning restaurant in Florida to close.
Modern pergola designs tend to favor wood and aluminum and are thus affordable and gaining popularity amongst hardscape and landscape enthusiasts.
Knowing they needed to save money, but still wanting to live mortgage-free, they bought a parcel of land in the Blue Ridge Mountains and built a salvaged (mostly from Craigslist) new home for just $12,000.
Aside from the structure’s material, there are many other things to consider when designing your pergola such as lighting, fans, speakers, adding gas for an outdoor kitchen or fire feature and much much more. Now this smart family of four enjoys their abode without owing any money on it whatsoever, allowing them to live completely off of Karl's salary and save all of Hari's salary for their future dreams. Read on to see Hari's insightful small-space living tips and see photos of the Tiny House's wonderful living spaces, which include a loft sleeping space, a lovely porch and a sunny kitchen. The vertical and horizontal components provide a perfect opportunity for climbing vines of jasmine or jessamine, which are ideal for year-round greenery.
Or plant wisteria vines that bloom in the spring, or hang pots of colorful seasonal flowers or lanterns. A round or rectangular table and seating or lounge chairs allow for entertaining, family meals or morning coffee.

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