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This ticket includes all classes and dungeon time Friday and Saturday nights for 1 Woodshed member. This ticket includes all classes and dungeon time on Friday and Saturday nights for 2 Woodshed members.
This ticket includes all classes and dungeon time on Friday and Saturday nights for one non-member of the Woodshed. This ticket includes all classes and dungeon time Friday and Saturday nights for 2 non-members of the Woodshed. Team Fluffy will be descending on The Woodshed Orlando Friday, November 14th through Sunday, November 16th bringing mayhem and terror with them with everything from blood play to fire flogging! The Crimson Splatter, Blood Play on the Edge 7-9pmBring your sheets and plastic, it's gonna get messy.
This will be a interactive class with plenty of chances to ask questions and exchange ideas.
For those of you who have yet to experience Fire Flogging in person, this workshop is a MUST! While profound contentment can be gleaned from the everyday activities of being a Master or slave, it is a fact that we were attracted to this lifestyle for a reason. What do New York, Boston, Chicago, Berlin, Amsterdam, Oberhausen and Orlando have in common? First let’s discuss how a high-profile audition works using the Blue Man Group as our example. Confidence: Auditions are real confidence busters, so this is where good acting skills come in.
Appearance: Did you know that within the first 10 seconds of an initial meeting, the human mind develops an opinion on the person at hand? As a professional vocalist (and self-professed grammar nerd), Jill brings a fresh perspective to The Black Page.
Reizigers kunnen tijdens hun bezoek aan Orlando overnachten in het Sleep Inn & Suites Orlando International Airport, dat beschikt over een sportruimte en een buitenzwembad.

Het Sleep Inn & Suites Orlando International Airport bevindt zich op een gunstige plek in Orlando.
De kamers van het Sleep Inn & Suites Orlando International Airport dragen bij aan prettig verblijf in Orlando. Please enter a quantity of 1 or more next to the type or types of tickets you would like to purchase.
The Woodshed will be open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights from 8pm until 4am or the crowd calls red!
However, we've got some pretty amazing packages available for both members and non-members that really make it worth attending the entire weekend! This type of play is most easily done if you are fluid bonded, but can still be great fun if you aren't, with the proper protection. Medical staples can be used in a variety of ways and we will show you some of our favorites.
We will show you how to utilize your whole body to effectively dominate a partner in and out of the bedroom.
Those of you familiar with this highly specialized flogging practice require no further persuasion! As a Master, it is of utmost importance that the philosophies and goals that matter most be communicated clearly to his or her slaves in a manner that empowers the slave by clearly defining the framework which they are to serve within. Ah, yes, grown men in greasy blue makeup beating out awe-inspiring drives on whatever they can find.
Although the BMG is a rhythmically-based entourage, the audition is surprisingly less metrical in nature, focusing more on the specifics of the human form. Be sure you have flexibility in your playing and that you have knowledge of multiple music genres.
Ze zijn voorzien van kabel-tv, een wekkerradio, een kluisje, een telefoon en een magnetron.
Safety and safety products will be discussed along with what to wear as a top while flogging and what the bottom should wear. You will enter a room with a drum kit where the Music Directors will play a short version of a song from the show (usually the simplest song) and you will be asked to play it back. You should have the ability to not only work efficiently with a click but also to create a steady meter on your own. We will show you how to collect blood through phlebotomy and cupping, and how to prevent it from coagulating.
As a Master, Stormmy has authored “The Twelve Traditions of Master’s House.” These 12 traditions communicate his expectations and philosophy to his slaves. Keep in mind that the casting team may contact you for an appointment; it is not a for sure.
In Andrea Emmerton’s Auditioning Advice to Remember, Emmerton insists that there are too many variables that are out of your control [at an audition].

Please come prepared with a basic knowledge of blood borne pathogens and how to protect yourself.
We will give you some ideas on what to do with it once you have it, and show you a few ways we enjoy it. Stapling can be used for decoration and we will show you how to make corsets and other designs that could be worn at a party or event. Stormmy will share his process for developing these traditions along with why these traditions were chosen.
But if you get the call from the Blue, congratulations, you are well on your way! During the audition process, you are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing, arrive on time and be prepared to try something different.
In the second part of the audition, the directors will be studying your physical characteristics. Jill makes up the other half of world soul group The Mitchells, alongside Black Page creator, Sean Mitchell. They are also great for bondage and predicament play and we will share some ideas with you. The Auditioner’s Checklist will help you feel more in control and is designed to ensure that you confidently step into this high profile audition with your best foot forward.
Sensitive areas will be covered including facial and lip stapling and stapling for chastity. They are not setting you up to fail.” So go kick some butt with your new confident self! We look forward to seeing you there as all dynamics, roles, and skill levels are cordially invited to attend.
Providing your family with these explicit traditions is just one way of preparing that foundation. If drinking bestows upon yourself the false sense of confidence you supposedly need, then you need to decipher an alternative method. Watch an empowering and motivational drummers' DVD, take lessons again in preparation, practice everyday for an hour.
This part of the audition may be slightly intimidating, however it is a necessary requirement.
The role of a Blue Man is highly physical and the directors just want to ensure that they are hiring the most passionate and visually interesting players. Interestingly enough, the group highly emphasizes that musical skill is more important than technical skill, so play with feeling!

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