Tiger Sheds manufacture and supply the highest quality garden sheds and garden building to the UK.
Our Garden buildings include Log Cabins, Summer Houses, Wooden Playhouses, Garden Storage Sheds, Metal Sheds, Pet Houses and Bike Sheds.
We also have a comprehensive help centre section providing a range of important and helpful information. Our wooden garden sheds are of a quality so high that our competitors simply cannot compete – they feature extra thick framework, pre hung doors, no cheap OSB material in the roof or floor, ample height (with an additional board between the window and roof), thick cladding (shiplap tongue and groove and overlap) and much more. Our team is dedicated and ambitious, well trained, helpful and knowledgeable in all areas of the website and its products.
We have a superb customer service record and a long list of happy customers who have purchased from us in the past.
Ever wanted a summerhouse without the clutter of your garden equipment, well the Multi Store will be perfect for you, with its elegant summerhouse and separate store room to the side this will look fantastic in your garden all year round.
If DIY is not your strong point then fear not because our professional home installation service will do it all for you! A Firm and Level base must be in place and accessible before installation can take place - failure to provide this may incur additional costs.
A garden shed does come pre treated with a cedar red water based preservative for storage and transport purposes. Cuprinol Garden Shades gives beautiful long-lasting colour and weatherproof protection to all garden wood (including garden furniture and decking). This alarm is a convenient and effective PIR (Passive Infra Red) motion sensor alarm that offers piece of mind through round the clock protection. Tiger Sheds offer a large range of products from simple garden sheds to fantastic log cabins. There are many other options within the Tiger Shed range, including wooden playhouses, log and bin stores, BBQ shelters, hot tub rooms, and even pet houses (kennels, chicken runs, cat cabins etc.).
Whether you need room for an exterior workspace or simply an additional space for storage the Special Log Board Cladded Tiger Heavyweight Workshop wooden shed provides an attractive solution - this workshop is the ultimate versatile outdoor space. Professional Exterior Silicone is a premium quality high modulus acetoxy cure silicone sealant which prevents mould and fungal growth. Why not improve the aesthetics of your garden building by adding on an attractive window box.
This fantastic high quality shed is on sale for an amazing price, which has never been this low.

We telephone our customers a few days prior to delivery to advise the day and a two hour time slot and we try to be as flexible as possible to help with any delivery requests.
All of our storage sheds are built with the highest quality materials for security and protection of your possessions.
Our vast product range includes Storage and Metal Sheds; alongside Log Cabins, Summerhouses, Wooden Playhouses, Wooden Garages and much more. View our building a shed base section which is situated in the help centre for information on how to build a base for your garden shed or log cabin. A member of staff is always just a phone call away to answer any questions about our wooden garden sheds or log cabins. This only serves to emphasise the quality of all of our products and the fantastic value for money on all garden buildings. If you want value for money and require a building that lasts for years to come, this is the place to be. We have continual testaments for our excellent service, first class delivery and fast and helpful responses to all enquiries. The pro-install team will contact you soon after the delivery of your garden building to arrange a suitable time and date for the fitting. Pro-Installation does not include the fitting of any extra items such as locks or handles, and windows will be tacked into place only. The attractive colours and opaque matt finish have been specially formulated to complement the natural colours in the garden and allow the texture of the wood grain to show through. The PIR (Passive Infra Red) motion sensor detects the movement of any intruder and attracts immediate attention through the ultra loud alarm.
The 120mm Kasp Hasp & Staple is specially designed to complement the 60mm Kasp disk padlock and is ideal for all our wooden sheds and garden storage buildings. The 100mm Kasp Hasp & Staple can be used to complement the 50mm Kasp premium brass padlock and is ideal for all our wooden sheds and garden storage buildings. They have a huge range that includes wood and metal garden sheds, summerhouses, log cabins, and playhouses.
They have a large manufacturing unit in Leeds, and their products are delivered direct from this location (they offer free delivery which is fantastic). The best way to see what Tiger Sheds have to offer is to check out their online catalogue for all of their high quality and UK build products. All aspects will be covered, from the buying of land right down to the final lick of paint.

A UK leading manufacturer and retailer, they asked us to re-think their brand positioning and update their identity.
For their online presence, we created a user-friendly identity system, designed for easy roll-out across all future applications.
This means the low prices shown on our sheds and log cabins include everything, delivery, VAT, the lot!!
See our customer reviews for an insight into the feeling of our customers about our products and services.
Please view our Installation Page for full Terms and Conditions, which can be found here.As standard cabin installation does not cover the installation of roof shingles. However, we do recommend that you retreat your garden building with a high quality solvent based wood preserver and we offer various types and colours of treatment to treat the shed yourself. They pride themselves on the quality of their products, and ensure that the customer gets the best possible product by using extra thick framework on their structures, provide high ceilings for extra comfort, and increased thickness of their cladding.
It had to reflect their strong heritage and dedication to quality, and help them reach a wider audience. This product is ideal for sealing in the windows of your garden building, and also includes beading.
If you purchase a cabin with shingles and would like the shingles to be installed in addition to the building itself you must also add on the 'shingle installation' option at additional cost.
Our very own high quality Tigercare preserver offers maximum protection of your garden shed or fence, manufactured by preserver specialists AChem. They also used a custom four-way notch system in their joints to keep the wind out, and use pressure treated floor joists to stop any chance of deterioration due to water penetration. As their competitors were heavily focused on offers and promos, with cluttered and often incoherent websites, we headed off in a a€?lifestyle heritagea€™ direction. Our solvent based wood treatment will penetrate deep into the wood giving years of protection against the weather.

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