With a footprint of 10’ x 15’ this timber frame would be perfect for an artist studio, shed or other small out-building. The frame is mixed species by bent (Oak, Maple, and mixed Pine) utilizing an English tying joint. If I lived in New England, I would be very tempted to buy this myself as timber framing is one of my favorite types of building construction and this size is perfect for a small cabin or tiny house.
In fact, bluntly put, isn’t buying this very much an affectation, analogous to buying a BMW or an expensive Wolf range for the kitchen? Now surely, there is nothing wrong with this (nor, for that matter is there with BMW’s or Wolf ranges). If you count the number of pieces involved with this it looks like you’d have less wood involved with this construction, than with a modern construction, but the trees here are selected for straightness and girth. If you want to get pedantic about it, every dwelling makes a statement, so yes, this one does, too.
There are buildings built using these methods and similar materials still standing after hundreds of years. Since its foundation Cygnum has established an impressive track record and earned a solid reputation as a supplier of QUALITY TIMBER SYSTEM SOLUTIONS. As a carpenter that has also been involved with timber frame projects, I can say that in almost all cases the materials are the cheap part. Trying to avoid getting too long winded here, these timbers are not too large, so a sawmill could cut them quickly and easily, and sourcing the trees themselves would also be relatively easy.

There are a lot of factors at play in the cost of a building, some of which are surprising.
If you have ever tried to make a mortise and tenon joint you may find that it takes you at least an hour to do a proper job. This structure has all the features that are found in 100 year old examples using the same craftsmanship. The price quoted is fair value for the labor alone, considering the skills & abilities to tie every joint in the structure with very high strength, whether pegged or pinned.
Canadian owned with expertise in old timber frame restoration & rehabilitation & new custom timber frame design & construction. The Classic Garden Shed is a handsome, hand-crafted 8'x12' building featuring the work of accomplished local heritage trades people. The frame is crafted by the Gibson Timber Frames the old way with some modern advancements. Part of the idea of tiny houses being that they’re economical, $5,500 seems like a lot to spend for a frame for 150 square feet. And, I’ll bet the owners leave the timbers exposed to enjoy looking at and touching the rough wood, and will relish the craftsmanship that went into it. Will the owners of this modern cabin receive any aesthetic pleasure from the uniform pine boards? So I imagine that just a modern 10×15 frame including labor could be had for about $1000.

With thousands of completed projects including a wide range of building types and construction budgets, from unique one-off architect-designed homes to multiple plot estate developments.
You can own this beautiful hand hewn timber frame, modeled after Thoreau’s cabin at Walden pond. The company that constructed the frame is White Oak Timber Frame & Construction and the price they are asking for the frame is $5500. The fact that it’s all done by hand is remarkably cool, but what should something like this cost if it were done with modern tools, still using solid pieces of timber? And, for comparison, what would a similar frame cost using store-bought lumber and conventional framing techniques? And depending on the size of the finished timbers, you may not be able to find them anywhere except here.
It took a while to even find a tree that was suitable for the rough dimensions and then they had to go at it with saws and axes.

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