Mostly cold rolled galvanized steel but can be any steel section thin enough to be easily screwed to. When Zeds are overlapped at the connections to supports the strength increase is significant.
It should be noted here that laminated timber engineered beams are also available in long lengths, but they are too deep in section to be even considered as over purlins for directly fixing sheeting to. Cee and Zed purlins come as complete roofing with various accessories to numerous to list here.

The whole of this roof framing for an elevated deck is constructed with RHS material, including the steel purlins. If you didn't find exactly what you are looking for try this search tool that will search the site and the web. Often used as purlins on roof to decks and verandahs, where the structure is exposed to view. Used not only for roofs but for wall girts and they are used by shed manufactures to form columns, ties and braces.

The products are or a consistent quality and the engineering properties are well known and documented.
Zeds have the ability to overlap at the joints giving them a great strength advantage over the Cee purlins.

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