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Sydney storage sheds do not require a concrete slab as long as the ground is reasonably level and flat, as shed yellow-tongue floors are weatherproof and structural. All our sheds are priced without accessories to allow you to customise your own shed while keeping costs within your budget.

At Will’s Cubbies and Cabins we don’t give each shed size a phoney name… We give them great prices! Will’s Garden Sheds are made using child and animal safe materials and non-imported durable building products bought from Australian wholesalers meaning higher quality products and more affordable prices! We advise that if anyone copies an information in, full or part, or images or any other content from this site, we will pursue legal action to the full extent of applicable law. Forget tin sheds that leak and fall apart over the years, our sheds are built tough and designed to withstand harsh and fluctuating Australian weather conditions.

The roof is designed so there aren’t any sharp edges exposed to accidentally injure someone.

Storage shed turned into house
Shed plastic roofing sheets 25mm
Keter factor shed accessories

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