The Tin Sheds Gallery is large contemporary art space located within The University of Sydney’s Faculty of Architecture Design and Planning.
It is selected for its capacity to contest incorrect or anachronistic notions of cultural materials. This nationally-significant design exhibition is an exclusively Australian expose of ochre, spinifex and foil. This project is an initiative of Michael Tawa (Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning) and Shane Houston (Deputy Vice-Chancellor Indigenous Strategy and Services). The OSF symposium will conclude by celebrating the opening of the OSF exhibition and the Welcome to the country by the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council.
Professor Jakelin Troy is Director, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research, at the University of Sydney. In March 2011, a flash flood or warrambany (‘angry water’), devastated the Warmun Art Centre.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Library Information and Resource Network (ATSILIRN) Protocols. Australian Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology and the University’s Botany Department. 1995 with a Bachelor of Architecture, and in 2006 with a Masters of Philosophy (Architecture).
Tin Sheds  curates its own exhibitions and welcomes exhibition proposals from both individuals and groups. Jakelin is a Ngarigu woman whose country is the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales, Australia.
Jakelin’s academic research is diverse but has a focus on languages and linguistics, anthropology and visual arts.
She is particularly interested in Australian languages of New South Wales and ‘contact languages’.

The quality from the information found in Tin Sheds (Tin Sheds : Wood Shed Plans Are A Superb Idea For Anyone Who Enjoys Operating With Wood) is well above anything you will discover that you can buy. Since 2001 Jakelin has been developing curriculum for Australian schools with a focus on Australian language programs. Jakelin has lived and studied in Mexico and Japan where she was able to develop her interest in the art, culture and languages of those countries.

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