Have your new Log Cabin built for you whilst you sit back and relax.Building installation ONLY.
This spacious 10x8 pent shed allows for safe storage of garden tools, bikes and patio accessories, and unlike many other pent sheds this shed has multiple door and window positions to ensure that the door can be placed at either side of the front panel to suit your garden. The Walton's 6' x 2'6" Select Tongue and Groove Modular Pent Storage Shed With Side Door is a sturdy build great for long-term storage. Rates of finance offered in the calculator are based on this specific product and can be applied for once this item has ben added to the basket. Please note The 6' x 2'6" Select Tongue and Groove Modular Workshop Pent Storage Shed with Side Door  is delivered with a basecoat treatment to help protect it during transit. This building is clad using 12mm thick interlocking tongue and groove board to prevent weather damage and provide maximum strength.
This garden building comes with Ledge doors to allow a staple and hasp to be fitted to secure your shed.
The interior space may be personalised with free-standing shelving and hooks to accommodate all of your outdoor equipment, garden accessories, toys and furniture, keeping them neat and tidy for easy accessibility for the whole family. We understand that choosing a new shed can be a daunting process, especially as there are just so many to choose from.
Size: Although on the smaller side, the shallow interior proves to be somewhat beneficial as you can access all of your items very easily, without even stepping into the shed itself. Interior: The interior allows enough space for the average household’s storage for all of their outdoor equipment, garden toys and furniture. Doors: The wide doors are great for storing larger items such as bikes, trampolines and similar items, allowing for a full view of the entire contents of the shed when opened. Security: When storing expensive tools and garden equipment we understand that you would like the peace of mind that your items are stored securely. The Billyoh Mega Store Tongue and Groove Pent Garden Storage Unit: How easy is it to build? Your new shed will arrive flat-packed with a complete fixing kit provided for your convenience.
The Billyoh Mega Store Tongue and Groove Pent Garden Storage Unit: What is the overall quality like?

This shed is everything you could want from a garden storage facility, looks and quality of design. Virtually maintenance free, should you ever have the need to clean your shed then a simple hose down with water or spot-clean with a sponge should suffice. A classic design shed with a pent roof, which can offer a fantastic solution to your garden storage needs. It has been constructed from high quality 12mm tongue and groove cladding giving it an overall robust build. It is recommended however that you treat the pent storage yourself with a high quality preservative for maximum protection against the elements.
If you require storage with minimal fuss at a price that you justify then this may be just the one for you and your family. Or choose this shed for storing lots of small outdoor items – this is an excellent space saving storage unit suitable for all gardens. Due to its size, this shed would be fantastic for smaller gardens, keeping all of your belongings protected from the weather outside and out of sight. Perfect for smaller gardens, this shed takes up minimal space whilst offering maximum storage potential. The shed does not come with a security fixture or lock, however if this is something you may be interested in then the BillyOh padlock and hasp are available to buy separately at a modest price and other security measures are available to buy should you be after something different. A basic tool kit is all that is required for assembly and should expect to be completed within a couple of hours.
If you are looking for an unobtrusive storage solution for all your garden and outdoor equipment, then this could be the right shed for your needs. To aid transportation and to prolong its life your shed will be pre-treated with a timber preservative treatment.
Whatever you wish to store, the large doors make it the best choice for both large and small items and tools, for use by the whole family. The floor and roof are both built using solid sheet boarding which allows for storage of heavier tools and can withstand harsher weather conditions. Also a great choice as a secondary building it is easy to get to your stored item as the large double doors swing open to reveal almost all of the interior space.

There is potential to add free-standing shelving, drawers and hooks to utilise all of the floor and wall space fully, allowing storage of items both large and small, and keeping everything neat and tidy. BillyOh will provide your shed packed in easy-to-manage pieces, great for the individual looking to erect the shed on their own. The thick timber provides a strength that will protect all of your belongings, keeping them dry and secure from harm. Due to its finish, your shed will continue looking smart with a vibrant colour exuding from the exterior for many years to come in your garden. At a lower-range price point for sheds, we think this is great value for money considering the many opportunities for storage, both on the floor and on the walls.
A mineral felting is supplied with this 10x8 pent shed which combined with the clever sloped roof, stops any water build up preventing damage to the roof.
Crafted from long lasting and hard wearing wood and with classic tongue and groove cladding it’s an attractive looking building and makes a superb small storage solution. If time is an issue or you have very little DIY experience, it may be advisable to enlist the help of a second person to make your life a little easier. A fairly inexpensive shed for the price, this great sized shed is perfect for those looking for a reliable storage solution within a smaller garden. Floor joists increase the floors holding capacity and adds to the overall build of the 10x8 pent shed.The large braced single door allows for easy access into the shed and has a padbolt attachment which adds security to your shed. It has a large single window, made from a safer glass alternative called styrene which is immune to shattering. This 10x8 pent shed comes with a standard 10 year anti rot guarantee, annual treatment is required.

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