November 12, 2013 by Aly 139 Comments I received products to facilitate this review, however all opinions expressed are my own.
P’kolino offers a variety of storage solutions for parents and one thing that caught my attention in particular, was their playful monster toy storage bins. The monster toy storage bins have a large zipper mouth opening that makes it easy to fill and it looks like the monster is smiling when I zip the bin closed, which I think is clever. The monster toy storage bins also feature a couple of holes on the top to give the bins some breathability.
I really love the durability of the monster bins, they are made of a combination of high quality canvas and colorful plush. We’re giving About A Mom readers a chance to win their very own monster toy storage bins! P’kolino was founded by two dads that have a passion for creating great products for children of all ages. Visited the site and I like Little Modern Table and Chairs – White because its such an innovative idea. Somewhere to sleep – a crib, a toddler bed, a single bed, a bunk bed (not recommended), a day bed or a double bed or larger.

This colorful toy organizer with 12 bins can be just your perfect toy organizer for your toddler.
The bins are also simple to use, kids just need to put and organize their toys in the bins instead of opening the lid of a storage box and try to find the desired toy all the way down to the bottom while maybe, throwing all the toys they don’t need out of the toy storage. And as you can imagine, I try very hard to keep his stuff from completely taking over our bedroom, but sometimes that just doesn’t work so well. These adorable bins offer a creative way to keep your child’s toys, clothes, and supplies easily stored away. I can tell these monster bins are going to last me a while and I won’t have to worry about replacing them anytime soon.
They offer a variety of innovative toys, furnishings, art supplies, decor and more to improve play at home.
I find dresser drawers the most convenient since I don’t have the patience to hang all of her laundry up in the closet.
The size fits a kid at 2 years or more and has bins which are easy to be pulled out, to be carried around the house (since the bins have handles) and to be put back in the tray again.
The construction is sturdy while the material is plastic with sturdy metal bars for the bins to sit on.

The open storage bins that can make them see the toys can really help to keep the room neat and tidy. So, using toy storage bins, shelving systems, dressers, and hooks has been really helpful in reducing the clutter around the house– more specifically, our bedroom. Using rectangular toy storage bins (with no lids) didn’t really work well for that situation because he would just dump the entire bin on the floor every time he walked in the room. I received a blue and green monster bin to review and there is also a third color they offer, pink.
The zippers are my favorite feature because that means Zach won’t tip the bins over and spill everything like he does with the other bins in my house.
You can find products for children by age, color, price, and you can even shop their sale items for discounts. This is where you’ll really have to be creative, because let’s face it, most toys aren’t a decorator’s dream!

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