Livestock exhibitors looking to check in were herded to a Tuff Shed building where they received their registration information and tags.
Upstairs, Colorado State University welcomed visitors through a Tuff Shed building into their educational state agricultural display and led them out through one as well. In addition to the Colorado State University display, there was a nursing station on the second floor.
Of course, Tuff Shed also had an exhibitor’s booth where we showcased a range of buildings including a loafing shed and a dog house. With a total of 40 Tuff Shed buildings on the grounds of the Stock Show in all shapes and sizes, we had the opportunity to showcase several unique uses for our all purpose buildings, including commercial use. Located in the beautiful mountains of Tioga county in North-central Pennsylvania, we serve Tioga, Bradford, and Potter counties, as well as the rest of Pennsylvania and surrounding states.
A salesperson is normally at the show room during business hours, but there are times we all need to be gone on shed deliveries, onsite jobs, etc. Last year alone, we built over 1,000 solutions for more than 800 businesses and government offices. Tuff Shed is an obvious choice for commercial and GSA customers needing high quality buildings.
Shed Specifications – If you are planning on producing a garden or garden storage shed you might need a couple of type of plan.
If you’re planning on developing a garden or garden storage shed you may need several type of plan.
If you had the opportunity to attend the National Western Stock show in Denver this past month you may have noticed a trend in buildings on the show grounds.

While this season has boasted record highs for temperature, it still got a bit chilly standing outside. The center was used for guests to find maps of the grounds and information for events throughout the show. This year, the triage tent in the Coliseum was replaced with a permanent Tuff Shed medical center. In addition to the entry and exit buildings, visitors walked through a Premier Tall Barn to see the “Hen House”. We are a family owned and operated business which specializes in storage sheds and cabins of all types. Our cabins, sheds, and gazebos come in many sizes and are available with countless options.
Our 34 years of building experience, in-house engineering and nationwide delivery allow us to build to your specs.
No matter if you’re the beginner or perhaps a professional, you might be looking for instructions. No matter if you may be the beginner or possibly a professional, you may well be looking for instructions. The warming sheds served the very necessary job of keeping the parking attendants toasty during their breaks.
Our cabins make wonderful hunting camps or weekend getaways, our wood sheds or vinyl sheds are the perfect solution to your storage needs, and our gazebos will create your very own backyard paradise!
You can either fill out the form below, or contact our National Sales Manager directly (below the form).

Not only do we build for residential purposes, we also work to serve the commercial industry. The heavy duty buildings will withstand years of use and the wear and tear that goes hand in hand with the rodeo.
We accept commercial purchase orders, and are ready to start on your projects when you are. If you’re a beginner at the same time as the word formula scares a person, take this easy. Our buildings are utilized across the country for businesses ranging in size from local shops to the United States Postal service.
These tend to be fundamental comprehensive drawings which show specifically what you may require to comprehend to create your get rid of. These tfinish to be standard comprehensive drawings which show specifically what you will require to recognize to make your get rid of.
The quality with the information found in Shed Specifications (Shed Specifications : Exactly Where To Get Free Shed Plans And Blueprints) is well above anything you can find that you can buy. Our buildings at the Stock Show are just a small example of the many uses for Tuff Shed buildings.

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