If any out there even just look at most or all of the pics in this long thread then it would be like following me around last summer. Hope some will find this interesting since it shows how bugging out works or sometimes does not work too well. We first went to Anderson's salvage yard to take a large roll of old metal fencing I had obtained from a neighbor in Greeley. I thought Glen would buy a gun but not sure how he would get it back to New Zealand, maybe FedEx?
Glen only bought a 500 round box of .22 ammo which he and Steve shot quite a bit on my land in late July.
After Glen, Steve and I went to a dollarstore and the Super-Walmart and bought over $400 worth of supplies, mainly food then we built a wood box in the back of my truck and loaded it.
And hope that any who will read all of the following will not think that I am bashing Steve or Glen. So we went up WY state highway 70 but as I thought, the gate about six miles downhill from my mtn place, was locked. Here is a pic of the Road Closed sign on state highway 70 which is about 6 miles downhill from my mtn retreat.
Early the next morning I got out of the truck, shoveled for about an hour and just as the sun was rising and while the ground was still frozen I drove out of the snowdrift to the camp.
After camping at the remote campsite for a couple days near Beaver Creek, WY Glen wanted to go back to Encampment to check the post office which he thought might have a package for him. But no, after a couple days we did go back to Encampment, although fortunately Steve stayed alone at the remote campsite.
But anyway, Glen and I went back to Encampment which we made it back down easily but coming back up in the early afternoon that day on June 10th, was more difficult.
After we had traveled a little over a mile on this rough 4x4 road we were going along fine then hit the mud hole.
I was talking too much to Glen and so I was distracted and hit the muddy hole too slow and got stuck. We got up there after dark and lucky there was a full moon, which with the snow was easy to see at night. I did not have time or energy to take that detour so I just got the jack and with the shovel for support I crossed this cold deep creek. It would have made another good video but Steve, who had the video camera was over half a mile away hiking with Glen to the beaver dam. But after I crossed that very cold deep creek I went on and after another mile up and down the mountain I made it back to the stuck truck. I kept thinking you are a survivalist and should never think of dying but trying and keeping on no matter what!
The son-in-law of the owner of the motel came up on that Sunday afternoon and tried with his large 4x4 truck to pull my truck out. He said it would be the next Saturday before he could come back with help and get the trucks out. He would not even look at my drivers license when I thought maybe I should show it to him to prove that it was my truck. Now that I think back on it, I wonder if this patrolman and the winch truck driver had done this quite a bit with strangers who were stuck.
I had no more money until I was able to work some for neighbors, although I did have a little more in emergency funds which I would not touch. I was able to walk and then get a ride back to Encampment actually to the Riverside garage surplus store which is next to Encampment. After spending about a week in the Encampment campground, which I mainly read a lot and went to the small library much, I drove up to get as close as possible to my mtn place. The orange tent is Dave's and the hard to see light brown tent, to the left of Dave's blue car, is Steve's.
Here is a pic of a cabin, one mile from my land, that was crushed by the terribly heavy snows from the winter of 2011.
Here is a small pond with a white tube going out of it which a black plastic 200 or so foot long tubing goes to the bunker.
A small aspen tree in middle of chicken wire fence which I had to put the wire around since deer etc.

But I re-built it completely by myself in August 2011 since Glen and Steve left to travel around the western USA, leaving July 31st. White propane tank shown also plus one other reason I made the shed a little over 2 feet off the ground was to store ladders etc.
This month’s World Travel Blogger, Shara Johnson, lives in Nederland and it sounds like one of the quirkiest places in America!
I love running across the accounts of people who have visited my small town, Nederland, Colorado. Our biggest claim to fame comes from our world-renowned winter festival, Frozen Dead Guy Days. Another random resident of Nederland is the last operational Bucyrus 50-B tracked Steam Shovel, the only survivor of the fleet which dug the Panama Canal.
You’re so right Lori – very different from the run of the mill festivals most towns get up to!
Lori, and when we DO have a parade … 4th of July, Frozen Dead Guy Days, and Miner’s Days, our town is so small that the parade circles around twice! Yes, Bridget, Colorado certainly looks like it has some big attractions and Nederlad VERY quirky! But I do have to tell much what is shown in the pics and so I do have to tell what we all did and did not do. I knew I could keep my right tires on snow free dirt and not get stuck and it was going uphill, so I knew I would not slide or get stuck. I hated that but I got in a hurry and slid into the side of a tree which I had just told Glen and Steve that would be the worst thing to happen.
I had had no trouble only 3 hours before coming down this road but going back up it was muddy with a rushing spring through it.
It had a well packed very heavy load, possibly over 3,000 pounds of food, some bags of concrete and other supplies in the plywood box etc.
And I dug near the A-frame shed where there was a large farm jack that I was able to get out of the shed in the back. The water went way over my knees and was very cold since it was snow melt water and even snow drifts around. And I was hiking back the couple miles and I was almost back to the 4x4 road when this brown state patrol vehicle pulled alongside and I saw Glen in the passenger side. I had to be in the back which there was no way to get out, even with a cage separating the front of the vehicle. I told him this was an emergency and very glad he helped pay that much since I barely had enough of the rest to pay the $500.
The one police officer in Encampment came around to check us out but we were all friendly and the officer said we could stay as long as we needed to. I had heard they finally unlocked the gate and the road was open after taking at least two weeks for the state of WY to plow it open.
Mainly one guy had rented a large New Holland bobcat loader for $150 for the weekend and spent 3 hours digging through the snow drift.
Which all he wanted to do was go fishing which was ok but it did rain a few times the 4 whole days he was up there. This neighbor did not want to re-build this shed after its roof was damaged from the heavy snow. Glen and Steve did help me that day for a few hours, mainly carrying the parts of this shed up the mountain. I was fortunate to have enough green paint from the previous year and also lucky that it had not froze and got ruined. I placed a large clear plastic sheet over the top of it all, for more waterproofing and also so the snow would slide off the shed.
Almost without fail, their assessment of Nederland (a€?Neda€? to the locals) includes an adjective in the family of quirky, unique, or interesting.
The festival was inspired by a very quirky event of the 1990s, in which an illegal immigrant living in Nederland starting freezing dead people in his homemade cryogenics facility and storing them outside in a Tuff Shed.
At the other end of the spectrum, one of the sweetest diversions you'll ever find is the Carousel of Happiness. It's a long way from home here, imported years ago for use in the local mining industry.

Not sure if Tungsten means the same in USA but here I think it is one of the strongest metals so the idea of it melting your mouth is brilliant!
It was mined here in the Nederland area in the early 20th century, so actually a lot of things here are named after it, such as restaurants, etc. You have certainly whetted our appetite for your home town and hopefully visitors will flock there to see more of those quirky and fun things!
I did not shoot the sign but likely was someone who did not like the road still closed although I have seen signs shot up in various remote areas. Glen and Steve did not seem to believe that and thought they had to shovel much which took too much time. I should have done what I wanted to do at first and that was stay put at this remote campsite where we could hike, explore the nearby 50,000 acre pure wilderness of Huston park, even fish and practice primitive survival.
My mtn place was at least 7 miles up, first a couple miles up the 4x4 road then another five miles up the state highway, which was covered in snow the last couple miles. Steve and Glen did not want to cross at the 4x4 road which crossed this creek but they hiked on to beaver ponds which they were able to cross at the beaver dam and so not get wet crossing the creek. I wonder IF anyone out there thinks that this was maybe highway robbery or is this the Normal fee to just winch out a truck or two? Glen was able to go to an ATM machine at the Riverside gas station store and get at least $200 a day in cash. Although that took up more time away from building and other things I should have done last summer. I shoveled for a couple hundred feet on the road through 2 and 3 foot drifts up to the 12 foot huge drift. Maybe all can see the loader in the back and the neighbors watching - the guy Randy is sitting on his $10,000 ATV which he had driven all over the drift and back and forth to their cabins. At first he said he wanted to stay 3 weeks on my mtn place but the 4th day I guess he got tired of it and also said he was cold at night. There was at least 200% above normal snowpack which means possibly 20 to 24 feet of snowpack at the height of last winter. So with a long tow chain hooked up to this shed I pulled it for half a mile down the dirt road. He was eventually deported, home cryogenics were banned, two of the bodies were assigned more appropriate resting places, and one, the immigrant's grandfather, remains to this day in a fog of dry ice locked inside a Tuff Shed. Unobtrusively located at the far end of the grocery store's parking lot, each animal was envisioned, hand-carved and painted by a local man over the course of 30 years. And Glen and Steve camped in my backyard in Greeley for almost a week until we went up to my mtn place on June 7th. My land is at 9,500 feet and covered in at last 5 feet of snowpack - this was around June 12, 2011.
And after a couple weeks the snow would have melted more, the paved state highway would have re-opened after it was finally plowed open in late June and we could have driven the rest of the way on this 4x4 road up to the state highway.
Steve and Glen mainly just dug a small narrow trench to try to get the spring water to flow away from my truck. Such as the Encampment River was flowing fast and deep only about 100 feet from the stuck truck.
The front door is higher than the back although when I finished it the floor and shed are level.
Naturally, this is cause for celebration in my town – a town which let a dog run for mayor one year. These are not your typical carousel animals, they're whimsical and unique, and people come from all around Colorado to ride them a€¦ even I get on from time to time. If you care to test your strength and speed at such tasks as shoveling dirt into a mining cart, hand drilling into rock, or wood chopping, Miner's Days is the festival for you.
Most of the time no one came along, except for a very few ATVers riding along on their large powerful ATVs.

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