Tuff Built GaragesThe original TUFF-BUILT GARAGES, manufacturer of Garages, Carports, Tuff Barn, Custom Built Garages, Industrial Garages, Kit Garages, Farming Storage, Gable Carport, Garaport. TUFF SHED is America’s leading provider of installed storage buildings (sheds) and garages (as well as custom Cabin Shell Solutions). TUFF SHED buildings are manufactured and installed locally, with domestically produced materials.

For decades the team behind HOMEFIELD has continually aimed to provide area families with the finest in outdoor living products and services.
Tuff Built Garages design, manufacture and install a wide range of quality Industrial Sheds. Since 1981, TUFF SHED has been delivering on its customer promise of providing products of lasting value through the use of innovative engineering, proven construction techniques and expert consultative services.

Whether you want a full outdoor living environment designed and installed or just one of the many industry-leading products, visit one of our two HOMEFIELD showrooms at 1975 N IH 35 in New Braunfels TX or our Corpus Christi location at 1126 South Padre Island Drive.  Come experience the HOMEFIELD Advantage!

Stickley furniture wood finishes
Extra large outdoor storage sheds 7x7

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