This garage floor plan offers a spacious apartment with a deck just outside the dining area and rests above the two-car garage below. The most popular style, the two-car garage plans in this collection feature a wide variety of architectural styles and sizes that can easily be suited to coordinate with your existing house design. The great thing about iCreatables is that our garage plans are compliant with the International Residential Code (IRC), which make them useable to apply for a building permit in most areas of the US without additional engineering. Free phone support is available to answer all of your construction planning and building questions.
Our two-car garage plans are designed in many different sizes to fit every two-car detached garage need.
Along with the additional storage capacity the Halston Bay garage construction gives your family, it also presents an attractive alternative to a more rudimentary metal building or pre-fab garage plan should you decide to build your own garage. The Halston Bay 2 car garage plans are the perfect solution for the homeowner looking to expand their storage space and security through garage construction.

Many homeowners also require additional storage space, so many of the 2-car garages in this collection provide the extra storage space so often desired by homeowners today.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. In 2001, a UCLA study found that only 25% of garages can actually be used to store a car because they are so packed with other stuff. The first step in building a new garage is figuring out the cost and size so you can get financing and make sure the detached garage will fit on your property and fit your needs.
The Halston Bay 2 car garage plans provide an accessible and pleasant building for you to store your vehicles and the perfect place for outdoor toys and gardening tools.
Don't forget if you are going to build a garage, especially if you are going to build your own garage, check out our garage building articles including Selecting Environmentally Friendly "Green" Building Materials.
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More often than not, garages get turned into storage rooms, woodworking shops, and handyman facilities. If the garage isn’t big enough to accommodate both the storage and parking features, where does your car end up? To print the plans to the proper scale, the plans will need to be printed on 18 X 24 inch paper. We can email the garage plans to the print shop itself, or take them with you using a thumb drive.

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