Tweet Our Editor-at-Large, Mark Stevenson, recently rented a U-Haul to move, and he’s got a few tips to make it easier for us. If your move is of the one-way variety, do a quote online as soon as you know you need to move. Sometimes, U-Haul will even offer a free trailer if you are going to a location that has a desperate need.
Because of the vast number of U-Haul outlets and breadth of equipment, your reservation location may or may not have the equipment you reserved on the day you reserved it. I’ve experienced and heard of prices on U-Haul equipment changing at the counter when you go to pick up your rental. U-Haul keeps their vehicles in service for a much longer time than most other rental companies. Plastered with bits of history, low in-town move rates, and other advertisements, the U-Haul truck is hard not recognize.

The day you are to pick up your truck, a representative for a location will contact you advising you of your pick up location. A manager at your pick up location may have the authority to change the pricing of your rental. However, if you have a quote in hand when the employee says it will be $500 more than you were planning for, you can usually get them to bring the price back down. In addition to having a passion for cars, Mark is an avid motorcyclist and track day rider.
From the in-town move to long distance relocations, U-Haul allows those of us who don’t own pickups or box vans to relocate our abodes.
You may also be able to negotiate a discount depending on the age of the vehicle you are offered.
But, a few days before your rental date, call around to the different U-Haul locations to find newer equipment.

All without having to contact that delivery truck driving cousin of ours (who, let’s face it, usually ruins every Thanksgiving dinner) in order to use his conveyance. Demand for your particular equipment choice may have changed considerably (hopefully for the better).
If you are offered an older vehicle, you could possibly argue that it would be less fuel efficient, not be in as good condition, etc.
On longer trips, not only will it be cheaper, the vehicle will usually be in better condition, safer, and quieter than older vehicles. But, this is all at the discretion of the manager (or a U-Haul rep over the phone if you are at a U-Haul outlet not owned by U-Haul).

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