A mess house is not healthy, and if the house is cluttered, do not expect much with it beauty. Submit Your Design When you have a home interior design and you want it to be shown in this website, please do not hesitate to inform us. Finding ways to store your shoes is one of the biggest use of a hidden storage (besides guns and valuables of course). For small houses, the best idea is to look for the walls for any available hidden storage areas. Another great piece of hiding place is the unused floor area in your wardrobe or coat rack. It is more common now to see people using the empty space under the bed as storage solutions.
Place the mirror near the window to trick with an image of the landscape outdoors, another function is it reflect light which would make the room brighter and looks larger. Even if your house has an awesome design, but if your stuff falling apart, your house will be like a dirty regular house. In our previous article on hidden shoe storage ideas, we have already covered 11 of such ideas but not many were specifically for small spaces. For the latter, you need to be really creative because most of the furniture with hidden storage wouldn’t work well in small spaces. The mistake most made is to openly display their shoes on the wall either using a floating shelf or some other wall mounted item.

For instance, a couple of these hidden shoe racks from IKEA is enough to separate say, a living room into two rooms. By installing rows of floating shelves, you can effectively create plenty of hidden shoe storage.
You can take advantage of this by installing some corner shelves and use it as a way to store your shoes along the walls.
To seek a way for furniture matter, select small-scale furniture only to your small bedroom. For examples, a ottoman with hidden shoe storage might be ok for a normal house but for a small apartment, having an ottoman actually takes up too much valuable floor space.
Remember to install some lighting as well to make it easier for you to find the shoes since it is usually pretty dark inside a wardrobe.
The disadvantage of this approach, as mentioned above, is that it leaves your shoes exposes, which might not always be a pleasant sight for your visitors.
To do that, you need to create plenty of smaller compartments to prevent your shoes from piling over one another.
You can get a lot of options in order to decorate your bedroom and to prevent the clutter risk which can come anytime.
You can gather Under Bed Shoe Storage Rolling Box Design With White Wall And Wooden Floor guide and see the latest Under Bed Shoe Storage : Saves Your Shoe Storage Space in here.
The best way is to create a stylish hidden shoe wall storage like what is shown in the image above.

To make it even more easier to see the shoes, you can create a transparent front wall for the storage compartment. Having a lot of shoes requires their own racks or even closet since you know you can just randomly pile the shoes up since this action will damage the shoes sooner.
So you need to take a look some wood closet organizers that giving you a lot of opportunities in order to make space for the shoe storage.Under bed shoe storage is probably the best solution. If you want a better design you can make under bed drawers, it is a place that can save a lot of shoes. Under your bed is probably the most hideous place which should be used at utmost in order as the extra storage room. You can make used of unused space, that is the under bed space of your bedroom as the place for shoe storage that even nowadays, you can build it by yourself. Take a look at more images in the attachment, so you can have a design that suits for your room type. You can put sweaters, shoes, belts and small electronic devices which are allegedly as the source of clutter stuff dominate your bedroom. So keep them in hideous place as possible as you can.You can also purchase bed storage which provides you some under-bed storage which at glance looked like some cabinets, but they are under your bed frame.

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