Are you tired of needing to get a ladder out every time you wish to retrieve a stored item from your garage? The Unique Lift™ Garage Ceiling Storage System will change the way you organize your belongings. We put to use the space above your garage door – space that is normally considered useless. Imagine the convenience of having all your stored items available to you at the turn of a switch.
Store Out-of-Season ClothingWith summer slowly winding down, it’s time to say goodbye to t-shirts and sundresses and hello to scarves and cozy knit sweaters. Prepare the Front Hall Closet for Chilly WeatherYou’ll want to have your nice warm coats ready for the first autumn breeze. As we learn more about this new East Vancouver condo development we’ll be sure to update you! Unique Lift™ LLC participated in the Lake County YMCA Dream Home by installing the garage storage lift in the garage.
Unique Lift contacted the YMCA committee and offered the garage storage solutions for the 2012 and 2013 Dream Home. Unique Lift™ began working on the project in early May and installed the garage storage lift the first week of June. After view at the imaginative parking garage image slowly maybe you will get various unique suggestion to be excecuted on your own design.
Recent design outline overall was provide extraordinary ambiance to environment nearby which is wrapped with advanced design.

The unique idea garage initiator proficiently set together fabulous impression harmony into a combination to create attractive unique idea garage. The home interior creator effectively places in a group extravagant summary harmonization into a blending to built magnificent home interior. Cool rack propose affluent underline amid color motion, component connection, blending design correlation and design plan format, which the entire phase mix together to make nice rack.
This dramatic magazine rack idea we think efficiently mixing smart rack idea design plan, stylish design look, resources alternative, dominant distinctive of ornament decoration and design format harmonization.
After view at the beautiful coat rack picture slowly maybe you will capture a little new hint to be deployed on your own design.
The Unique Lift™ product provides up to 96 cubic feet of storage space – that’s 21 storage containers you can fill with toys, games, decorations, pool equipment and more! This way, when summer comes to an end, you’ll already have designated spots for everything you need to store.
Before putting away your summer wardrobe, remember to have them thoroughly cleaned, mended, ironed, and folded so they’ll be ready to wear next summer.
Seeing that we live in Vancouver, this day will be here sooner than you think, so take your coats and boots out of storage and get ready for the first fallen leaf! Since 1993 the proceeds from the house have totaled more than $3.5 million and provided facility and equipment enhances for each branch of the Lake County Y (Central – Painesville, West End, Willoughby, East End – Madison, Outdoor Y-Perry, and Childcare Providers Programs).
After the committee reviewed the product they decided that the garage storage lift was a perfect product for the Dream Home.

The lift was installed in the back half of the garage to provide the maximum storage for the new home owner. Local officials, YMCA board members, and media celebrities were all present when the home was first opened for viewing. If you have a long reading list, this can get expensive, so consider second-hand bookstores, swap services, friends, and the library! Some of the enhancements included buses, playground equipment, expanded locker rooms, defibrillators, cardiovascular equipment, water attractions, an in-line skating rink and accessibility modifications for those with special needs. They wanted to give opportunities to local business and being we also manufacturer in Cleveland was a big plus. The YMCA committee was excited to see the garage lift installed and operating as it worked well with the garage layout and overall theme. The Unique Lift™ garage storage unit was sitting centered in the garage in front of all the festivities. When leaves start falling, gather and scatter them across the soil to ensure the plants and soil have enough nutrients to last through the winter. Many who visited the house commented on the special design features of our garage storage lift and how well it worked to improve storage space within the garage.

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