I’m a newbie here hoping to get some advice on tooling for a unique wood-turning application from the many gurus I see posting here.
We’re looking to transition into higher volume production on an oak barrel head product we make from scratch as a carved sign, wall clock, serving tray, lazy susan, etc. Yes, a wood lathe could do that lot faster with turning skills and easy to change profiles if you like. If look long enough might find a metal lathe with enough swing to handle those blanks over the ways and let use cutters vice turning tools. I’m not sure a buying lathe is the best starting point if you are looking at high production. For mounting blanks on the lathe have to decide between 4-jaw scroll chuck, faceplates, or vacuum chucking.
Turning tools come in traditional HSS gouges, skew, parting tools that require resharpening. I picture something like this, where you load each lid, press the drive wheel against the edge to spin it while the routers trim it.
Before you pick up those woodworking tools, take the time to ensure your safety in the shop!
If you are selling your work, then you have entered a woodworking dimension with added complexity and stress.
DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. Segmented wood turning is an interesting and unique facet of the woodworking craft as you will see in part 1 of this woodworking video tutorial. Note: To ensure precision cutting of the stave segments a 10 inch Forrest Chopmaster saw blade was used on the compound miter saw. Precision cutting of the wood staves is made possible by accurately adjusting the miter saw blade with a digital angle gauge.
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Selling segmented (polychromatic) bowls and vases turned by Kevin Neelley, and plans and software.
The tools are made from the best steel on the market, CPM 10V® (A-11) a powder metal manufactured by Crucible Materials Corporation with a 9.75% vanadium content to hold an edge longer and has a proven history in woodturning. In the last twenty years or so since I built this foot-powered treadle lathe, I have received many requests for drawings or plans.
The lathe has been used as part of our traditional woodworking demonstrations and it never fails to draw a crowd. Lucien Yeomans, the inventor, won the nation’s highest engineering award for it but sadly the technique was almost forgotten after the war.
Pat Delany developed a metalworking lathe design that uses concrete parts cast in wooden molds to achieve high precision at a rock-bottom price of $150.
The reason is that most workshop machinery is designed for flexibility and to work with a variety of projects.
See links for specs and manual for optional out board tools rest that would allow you to turn 88” items at back of manual.
I am not aware of any commercially available wood lathes with auto feed and a tool changer. Obviously lots of specifics missing like how to mount the routers but this would be fast, under a minute per lid. You drop the lid into place which registers against the right side wheels, press the drive wheel against the edge and spin the lid. Accuracy is a must for segmented wood turning and shop accessories such as the angle gauge and a digital protractor are essential.
The first thing you will notice there is more steel under the flute than other tools, this creates a stronger tool that’s easy to control especially when it needs to be extended far over the rest for those hard to reach details.
The steel is hardened to 60-62 Rockwell, triple tempered with a cryogenic treatment between the first and second temper. The steel is hardened to 60-62 Rockwell, triple tempered with a cryogenic treatment between the first and second temper to form more "eta" carbides. In 1915, special lathes made from concrete were developed to quickly and cheaply produce millions of cannon shells needed for World War I. Traditional bowl turner Robin Wood on his foot powered lathe races a friend on an electric lathe to see who can make a bowl fastest. If you are going to have one product then a purpose built machine would certainly be faster and more efficient.

The routers could maybe be on a foot activated lever and raise into position, running continuously. Each wood bowl and wood vase is hand Welcome to the TREEFUN store where 30% of all sales are donated to the TREE fund. Also check out Pat Delany’s low-cost DIY machine tools (such as a hand-powered drill and a treadle-powered generator), all built from recycled parts. I would contact a mechanical engineering firm that designs for manufacturing and let them tell you. The wood we are using in this segmented wood turning is light walnut for the staves, dark walnut for the vertical spacers, and ribboned mahogany for the base. The shank will fit any aftermarket handle and are polished so they slide easily on the rest. Set it up once, and you’re spinning out these trays faster than you can assemble them.
The segmented wood turning technique we are using for this wood project involves the use of 12 wood staves that we will cut on the 10 inch compound miter saw and also the 12 vertical spacers we will cut with a small fine toothed dovetail saw. A gunmetal finish, which is actually from the heat treatment, gives each tool a unique character all it’s own. Old wood lathes will accommodate out board turning to avoid problem with swing but will need left hand threaded faceplate.
In this woodworking tutorial we will focus on the accurate set-up of the of the compound miter saw using a Wixey digital angle gauge and a digital protractor. This may also give you some ideas of how to build a custom machine – look around their site at their lathes.
A larger metal lathe with at least 22” swing will have the automation you desire built into it and can easily have some simple HSS cutters adapted, but the lathe will be expensive. From there we will concentrate on fitting and gluing all segments together by using yellow glue and masking tape.
With a metal lathe with a tool changer, you could use carbide for roughing and HSS for finishing.

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