Unlimited data plans on Three give you freedom from caps and restrictions, so you can download, stream, browse the web and even play online games to your heart’s content without having to worry about hitting your data limit or being charged extra.
Three is the only UK mobile network to offer truly unlimited 4G data, so if you’re a heavy mobile internet user your choice is clear. Unlimited (or all-you-can-eat) data is available on numerous plans, including Pay Monthly, SIM Only and even as a Pay As You Go monthly add-on.
On Pay As You Go unlimited data is available as a monthly add-on for £15, which also gives you 300 minutes and 3000 texts. You can make use of your data anywhere in the UK, just as long as there’s coverage, which in most cases there will be, as 98% of the UK population receives 3G coverage and over 50% can get a Three 4G signal.
Feel At Home is expanding its reach all the time, but if you want to use data somewhere where it isn’t currently offered roaming charges will apply.
Yes, if you have unlimited data you’ll be able to use it towards a Personal Hotspot (aka tethering). However, they do still offer generous allowances of up to 20GB of monthly data with a MiFi device, tablet or dongle or SIM card. TrafficSense is Three's management of data traffic and is a way of ensuring the best possible mobile internet experience is given to users. For example between 3pm and midnight a certain amount of bandwidth will be dedicated to tethering and file sharing, ensuring that the use of those services doesn’t hamper general mobile internet performance. This guide is the culmination of several people’s struggles in getting AT&T to give them back something they deserve. Resolution – You’ll need to call AT&T and have them manually activate the phone for you. Damn, I went and bought an iPhone1,1 just for this process and when the wife’s usage got too high. I tried this with different versions of iTunes with different firmwares, unactivated sim card, and a dfu restore each time.
I saw the comments after I posted but I didn’t realize the comments were organized from oldest to newest. We still are using the iphone 2g on the original unlimited plan, just never got around to buying or upgrading the phone. If you add a new line to existing family plan with this method, it will be no two year contract? I activated iphone 2g using 4g LTE SIM card, restored from iTunes and before getting connect to iTunes screen I inserted my activated 4g LTE SIM card into 2g phone. Mobile data plans are in the midst of a change that may come as a shock to customers across the U.S.
T-Mobile, the underdog of the American market, looked like the hero recently announcing an increase in their mobile data plans allotment while making price cuts.
Market analysts and competitors, like SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son, believe what has developed in the U.S.
So while T-Mobile gets a pat on the back for savvy marketing and creating a tiered pricing structure that allows customers to choose what they want, customers should remember that the death of unlimited data is coming.
Last night, we received word from sources who said that Verizon would launch two new smartphone plans this morning at prices somewhat lower than they currently offer. Verizon normally charges you a per phone set price per month for unlimited talk and text that runs $40 per device.
If you consider the second package I mentioned for $60 with unlimited talk, text and 1GB data, you would normally be looking at $90 per month ($40 per phone plus $50 for 1GB data) on a Share Everything plan. Are these new plans Verizon’s reaction to what T-Mobile and AT&T have been doing?
At this time, Verizon’s site is requesting that you find a store nearby or call them to sign-up for these plans.

It will be wonderful if Verizon would have an unlimited plan with everything included with the whole deal. If the $60 plan includes a subsidy for a device , then this is a win and comparing it to tmo’s subsidy free pricing is not fair. About Droid LifeWe consider ourselves to have the greatest Android community in the world, here at Droid Life.
So whether you want a phone or just a SIM card and whether you want a contract or not you’ll be able to find an option that suits your needs. Pick a mid-range phone like the HTC Desire 610 and unlimited data plus 600 minutes and unlimited texts can be had from just £30 per month on a 24 month contract. This cap is used to identify inappropriate use of the service, such as commercial use, which isn’t permitted. However there are some minor restrictions, including the use of data, which is capped at 25GB if you’re on an all-you-can-eat data tariff. You can also use it outside the UK free in Feel At Home destinations, subject to the 25GB cap detailed above. While all Three's phones and mobile phone SIM cards have all-you-can-eat data plans its tablets, tablet SIMs, dongles and MiFi don’t. However in order to achieve that some types of data use will see small restrictions at certain times. However this is fast enough to ensure a great experience and allows even HD videos to be streamed smoothly. Apart from this, the voice plans of both the companies have remained more or less same but for some regional differences.
Originally posted back in October and updated a little while after, we’re back to give it to you again! You’ll then receive a text message with details about your data plan where it will indicate you have unlimited data. Unfortunately, I guess I waited too long… Oh well… Should have just made her do it! If I put this sim in a current phone will it be grandfathered since it’s an active unlimited account even though ATT has closed off new 2g activations? What I’m thinking is activate an iphone 2g unlimited then upgrade it to 4s… any comment would be appreciated~! However, I still have the iPhone 2G and I’ve been trying so hard to get the unlimited plan again. Unlimited mobile data plans are quietly fading into the night and phone carriers (or uncarriers) like T-Mobile hope no one is watching.
But if customers read and listen carefully, they will see that the mobile data plans are not receiving more for less.
Mobile data plans in the future will increasingly become an a la carte style, throttling speeds after a certain amount of usage. The first, would give you access to unlimited talk and text, along with 250MB of data for as little as $45 per month (plan now live). They then tack on a data package as a separate charge, with the lowest being 250MB for $20.
There are no other references to them on their site that I can find outside of the home page. I do not use my phone’s data for GPS or Navigation and I’ve turned off the mobile data on my phone so that I do not go over. The cap is in place to ensure Three's network is spread correctly across all users, so no-ones experience is hampered by anyone else. But Verizon quickly hopped in and is rumored to announce that iPhone will soon be paired up with its existing unlimited data plans.

Verizon offers unlimited data plan for $30 per month with another 30$ for tethering the handset with mobile 3G. This method will allow you to have unlimited data for use with any phone on any account on the AT&T Wireless network. You’ll have to put your SIM card in later anyways, so if you don’t need to use your actual phone while the process completes, then install your SIM and save yourself a step later. Whatever options you choose during activation won’t really matter as certain account features you already have will override, like unlimited family messaging and the likes.
You can also log-in to your AT&T account online and go to the features portion of your account to see unlimited data for whichever phone line you used during activation. As well, you can go to any company owned AT&T store and they can get you setup as well.
In a price slashing war, T-Mobile and AT&T have both recently performed major price cuts to their tiered services. In reality, T-Mobile is trying to deal with the massive influx of customers through their uncarrier advertising which has put more stress on their 4G LTE network. Son, whose SoftBank own Sprint, is interested in purchasing T-Mobile to increase the speed of their mobile data plans and implement larger price cuts across the board. Interestingly, many customers pay for the LTE network, but tend to use a wireless internet connection whenever possible.
The second, would give you that same unlimited talk and text, along with 1GB of data for $60 per month. They still involve contracts, but they are certainly cheaper than the typical Share Everything plans that Verizon has been running with for the last year or so.
Instead of taking me to the initialize sequence when I enter the EIN, it takes me to pick a plan and preselects the $45 dollar, same resources plan. For $45 a month – this allows me to use my phone for what I enjoy best when it’s most important.
It’s unfortunate that Verizon still wants people to still pay extra for there gigabytes. Make sure to bring the iPhone 2G with you and that you are or have with you, the primary account holder. While this may have some customers rejoicing, they should realize that the market is about to give them less for their money. More stress on their network means slower speeds, higher costs, and the danger of alienating customers. The iPhone from Apple is the greatest culprit for draining 4G LTE networks, still outpacing every other smartphone for data usage. At first glance, those may not sound like deals, but if you consider that those prices are for the entire package, they technically are. AT&T will have act agile and watch for any such announcement by Verizon otherwise that could lead to a serious drop in their market share.
AT&T and Verizon, the phone carriers with the most popular mobile data plans, gave up on unlimited data years ago because of these reasons.
So instead of changing phones, I just went straight to select a plan, picked prepaid and lo … there was the $45 one.
You can also check out the original article and sift through the comments to see if anyone else has had a similar issue like yours.

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