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Here’s the story (sorry in advance for the Instagram shots, but I hardly pulled out my big camera at all for this ongoing project).
We spent quite a bit of time deciding what to do, and ended up choosing to add to the existing wood. We were told that the old wood and the new wood could be matched and that the finished floors would look seamless. Merick prepped with putty, and set nails for about a day and half, then there were a few days of sanding and buffing. Once the floors were sanded, it was time to bleach them (not with Clorox, but with a wood bleach), and 24 hours later, the white wash (white stain) went on. The extra challenge here is that the whole job was originally scheduled to take 7 days, but ended up taking 11 days instead — plus another two days of letting the floors rest before we moved furniture back on.
The only catch, is that the new method required board-by-board application of the white wash. If I were doing this again, I would have gotten more involved in the bleaching and white-washing stages (pre-sealant). This is such a unique look, I’m glad you stuck to your instincts and worked to get what you wanted in the end. In this case, part of not being able to sleep that night was me practicing what I would say over and over again, so that I would be as calm as possible the next morning. Once I came to terms with the fact that the worst case scenario was having to sand it down, and that we would probably have to sand it down, I didn’t feel any more anger, I just wanted to get it done. And honestly, an hour after that, we were all working side-by-side and chatting away happily as if this had been the plan all along.
Awww, as I was reading the entire story, I can only imagine how much hard work you all have to put to it, not to mention all the expenses!
You were so smart to stick to your guns when Merick tried to talk you into liking something that was not what you wanted.
Obviously Merick had worked on hundreds if not thousands of floors so he knew what he was doing. I hate it when a contractor tries to convince you that the end results are good when it isn’t what you asked or paid for. I think I sent you the number for my floor guy before, you and I have the exact same floors. They used the heaviest, non-glossy sealant on our floor, and it still looks perfect minus the occasional scratch.
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Our warehouse is located in Kentucky, giving us a great location for reaching both coasts within one week. With our Wood Pergolas you can choose from unstained, UV protected, 2 stain colours and 2 paint colours.
Chances are there is little you can do other than paint it and install a simulated grain-look in the paint. Please help us resolve any issues by reporting the details of any problems you have experienced. I’m definitely in the honeymoon phase where I tenderly sweep and sponge-clean them each day, and passionately apply felt protectors to any furniture that is even thinking about moving on to those floors.
When we moved in, we found exposed wood in the kitchen, carpet in the living room and hallway, and ceramic tile in the entry. But during the installation, we could still walk on the floors and use the house pretty normally.
At this point, the old and new wood were starting to blend more, and it was time to discuss the stain color. Something about the sealant gave the whole floor a golden slant that I didn’t want at all.

It had been 9 days up till this point (when we had mentally prepped for 7), and we were so ready to be done. I was in the middle of getting the kids ready for school and told him to wait a second before he got started so I could talk to him. I would examine the floors and add another coat on particular boards wherever it was still feeling too golden. He had a new sealant that had been sold to him with the promise that it would not yellow the floors. I know it would have added extra days, but we probably should have bleached 2 or 3 times before we started white-washing.
Baseboards have been installed (we went with 8-inch straight-edged pine boards), the walls have a fresh coat of paint, and now I get to start doing the decorating! I once had a floor guy try to convince me that my floors were all the same color, when clearly, they were not! It’s hard to know when to draw the line and when to insist on taking risks, especially for something as big (and visible) as a floor color. We lived through a top-to-toe renovation two summers ago that almost broke us (emotionally, if not financially) including a shady flooring dealer who disappeared for a month with our very expensive shipment of zebra wood that was to replace the flooring throughout the house. Our floors have given me heartache since we had them installed but the story is sad and long and the floors never got fixed so we have gaps you can fit a quarter in! Do you have any advice on how to handle face-to-face confrontations with grace, while still holding your ground? When we bought our hundred year old house, we pulled up the stinky carpet to find old growth red fir floors. I have my heart set on painting our awfully horrendous, golden, brick- patterned, kitchen linoleum a beautiful, fresh, white. During the break, I’ve swept them an average of twice a day, and used a wet sponge (or wet swiffer) once a day. It looks fantastic…and hey, isn’t any epic interior design project end up with just a little bit of hacking included?
Hopefully we will be ripping out carpet, linoleum and tile this (or next) year…so this gives me hope we’ll have a beautiful floor soon enough! We renovated our 90 year old kitchen and I almost had a heart attack when our floor guys stained our brand new floors a darker color than I wanted. This does not apply if we are liable for error or damage on the product when the customer receives it. For faster service, please call us or start a LiveChat session with a helpful staff member. We pulled up the carpet and found beautiful wood under one portion of the carpet, plywood subfloor under the dining nook portion of the carpet, and old linoleum tiles under the hallway carpet.
We would have to clear certain areas for the day or maybe even just the morning, but it wasn’t too disruptive. He had seen the inspiration photos and was the expert, so I figured the sealant would finish things off and give just the look I was going for.
And the difference between the old and new floors was striking — it was suddenly super pronounced. He didn’t buff the floor first (which he would normally do before a final coat) because he was afraid it would take off the new coats of whitewash. And the final whitewash resting not directly on the wood, but on the previous coats of sealant.
I’m confident we could have achieved the color I wanted, and gotten the old and new wood to look more similar before we sealed it, but we would have had to go board-by-board from the beginning, white-washing more in some areas and less in others, and it could have added another week of experimenting. And I’d love to hear what you would have done if you found yourself like me — with almost done floors that you hated? Kind of held things up :P We ended up suing him in small claims court, but the wood finally arrived. I did a white pickling technique on the floors of my store on 2254 Union Street, if you are ever in the area stop by and look, maybe it will help you see what 5 clear coats on top will look like. We really wanted floorboards throughout so we decided to refinish the existing floorboards that had been hiding under the carpet. I know how much having a tiny panel in our kitchen cabinets replaced cost (not to mention time + frustration). Had a similar predicament when we first bought our house and were having the wood floors redone. Then our woodworker, Merick, installed the wood. This was estimated to take a week, but ended up taking longer because there were some surprises. Basically, since I was willing to go back to sanding, he felt experimenting was worth a try.

Finally, I would have checked and double-checked that the sealant used would not yellow the floors (ultimately, the second type used on our floors didn’t yellow them). Home owners really do have to stay involved in the process at every step, even when you have a good contractor….The floors look awesome!
We remodeled our home last year, before moving in, and the floors are something I have grown to hate. Unfortunately, the finish that we paid for was much less durable, which was obvious from the beginning, but I wasn’t as good as you at standing up for myself and it resulted in super scratched up old growth fir floors.
After sanding off the old finish several times, the floor folks didn’t clean all the debris off the floor and walls before putting the sealant on. Merick was coming back the next morning to do a final buffing and put on a final coat of sealant.
He basically told me there weren’t any options, and spent a good hour trying to convince me that the floors were great and that I would get used to them.
He applied this liberally over all the floors, spreading it with some type of roller brush. And really, the way the white stain sat on the sealant (instead of sinking into the wood) very likely helped me achieve the look I wanted more quickly.
They were perfect when we moved in but as time has gone on they have begun to chip and there are a few cracks between panels. As much as not being able to come up with a budget to redo them, I also would go absolutely nuts if we needed another week off those floors. We have original wood floors in our Victorian house and we had them refinished with water-based sealant (not shiny) and they are super durable. I assured him there was no chance of that happening and by the end of the hour told him it was best if he didn’t put on the final coat, because I was going to have to hire someone to come in and sand off the earlier two coats of sealant so I could change the color of the floors and try again. I watched it like a hawk all that day as it dried, willing it not to change the floor color. But, since we don’t have the means to refinish at the moment we are just doing are best to live with it. I love my floors, but I’m not 100% satisfied with them (did he skip the sealant altogether, I wonder?). Ask silly questions and request a small patch of work before they commit to the entire floor. Ben Blair happened to be in France for this clearing part, but happily, I’m stronger than I look. That we could either A) experiment, then sand it down if it didn’t work, or B) forget the experimenting and sand it down.
Goes to show that we all make decisions that we think will be the right ones, sometimes it works out first time round but with perseverance, we’ll get the finish we want in the end. My husband and his parents spent about three days sanding back the floorboards and sealing them.
To add insult to injury as they crew left they told our contractor (a personal friend) that if they knew our professions they would have charged us double! I was about 7 months pregnant at the time so kept clear of the house throughout the process to avoid all of the dust and fumes. They didn’t look too bad after sanding however the two coats of sealant changed all of that and we ended up with ORANGE floors! Orange floor boards that scratched, scuffed and dented if you dared to move a dining chair or wear heels. I hated those floors so much but my husband and his parents had put in a lot of hard work so we were stuck with them. We had those horrible orange floors throughout our entire house for the next three years until we did a major renovation to replace the 50 year old green kitchen. It was pretty classy ;) Anyway, when we ripped out the kitchen and moved a few walls there were enough holes left in the floors that they needed to be replaced. We covered the floors throughout the house (apart from bedrooms) with light sandstone tiles. However, as fate would have it, we found ourselves moving to California just a year later and we had to give up those lovely new floors – and our brand new dream kitchen.

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