Our farm sheds are strong and long lasting, and have been designed and engineered to suit the harsh Tasmanian climate outback. Our farm shed range gives you the option of either an open front shed, or a design that opens on the gable end. For more information about our range of rural steel buildings, please contact Andrew on 1800 764 764. Our professional team based in Manjimup know just how crucial it is to keep your farm equipment and crops protected, so our entire range is manufactured from only the toughest Australian BlueScope Steel.  We use only 450+ MPa cold-rolled sections and hi-tensile strength sheeting made from your choice of ZINCALUME® or COLORBOND®.
We can tailor our standard range of rural sheds to exactly suit your agricultural and property requirements.

If the cold-rolled form shed designs are not large enough for your needs, we also can completely tailor a Web Truss Building to suit.  A web truss building has flexible frame options and the scope of capabilities is almost limitless. Call our team of steel building experts on 1800 764 764 or 08 9772 4591 to discuss your rural building needs. Distributor - Great Value GaragesI was very happy overall with sales people, the product and the builder. These buildings use UB columns and a parallel chord web truss, to give you the larger span, width and height you require. Alternatively, submit an online quote request and we will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your requirements.

Please speak to your local distributor to clarify if these charges will apply to your requested design.
Then Sheds n Homes North-West Tasmania is the only place to find the very best in farm sheds.

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