New building-integrated photovoltaics or BIPVs blend almost seamlessly with traditional roofing materials. Currently the majority of wood stoves in use deliver only 40 to 50 percent of the energy potential of the wood. The earth-house uses the ground as an insulating blanket that efficiently protects it from temperature extremes, wind, rain and extreme weather events. Bake ovens can be either white (the fire is in another box, usually below the oven) or black (the fire is in the same compartment as the food being cooked). If you live in a cool climate, you might as well investigate adding a masonry heater along side your pizza oven.
In the future; will we give back the land to native plants and animals and live up in the trees? Gabion (from Italian gabbia "big" and Latin cavea meaning "cage") a wire cage that is filled with stone or other hard materials. With a minimum R value of 38, straw bale is always a great choice for at least one wall in a cold climate greenhouse. Klinker or clinker bricks were overcooked rejects, a product of intense and smokey coal-fired kilns. Beautiful buildings but the thought of birds flying into the glass is dreadful, so all large panes of mirror should have a deterrent, like a hawk cut-out or strips of ribbon hanging in front.

No maintenance, long lasting, impenetrable poplar bark siding is a cradle to cradle siding option. Old wood from barns, farmhouses, factories, even snow fence, is potential siding for a new home. In Jericho, by the Jordan River, a cob building still stands that was built 10,000 years ago. Due to the glue that binds books along their spine, most paper recyclers will not take books for recycling unless the cover and glue is removed.
A large thermal mass stabilizes inside temperatures, giving you free heat in the winter, free cooling in the summer.
A fast, high heat and oxygen-fed fire burn up the volatile gases and particulates, leaving very little pollution, and turn almost every ounce of wood fuel into energy. The cleanest burning wood stoves have been around for centuries, yet have taken a backseat to metal wood stoves and other polluting energy sources for far too long.
8 feet wide by 8.5 feet high, and either 20 or 40 feet long, they have been the globally standardized transportation module since 1956. The price of a natural swimming pool are comparable to an inground pool, yet maintenance costs are much less. Whatever you call it, it is earthquake resistant, flood resistant, hurricane resistant, fire resistant and termite proof.

They were considered a waste product until early Craftsman builders found their sculptural architectural merits. But on a bright note, many of the prototype models entered into the Wood Stove Decathlon squeezed out more than 90 percent of the wood's energy potential and burn much cleaner than older stoves. There are two types of floating homes, permanently floating homes and homes that float only when flood waters swell, but sit on the ground during the dry season. These examples might not be the greenest and they cost a pretty penny, but it must feel wonderful to bath in wood. Requiring the later on new construction within floodplains, and considering same for threatened shorelines, is one way to plan for the future. Although floating homes near the coast need protected waters, wave attenuation through wave walls and dykes (as used in Europe) are a future possibility. Unfinished wood tubs must be used regularly or kept partially filled with a bit of water to prevent them from drying out and warping or shrinking.

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