16 x 20? Shed with Covered Porch in Northern MinnesotaI wanted a shed to keep things in at our lake place in Northern Minnesota.
The last time I was up north, I ran out of weekend before I had the final 20' of steel roof on. With a wet spring and summer, there was a bit of erosion as run off came down the grassy hillside and puddled next to the slab. Once you've joined, you can either continue to use your social credentials or you can login with your username and password if you prefer. Every day of every week, someone is busy replacing their ‘old’ timber framed windows with ‘whiz-bang, no maintenance’ windows. As you can see, the frames and glass in these salvaged windows make perfect building blocks for a glasshouse. To avoid certain problems with pesky city building permits, I built the structure shed height and did not pour a concrete foundation. OBN is a total resource for Owner-Builders, DIYer’s and anyone interested in home improvement. Because we’re ‘been there, done that’ people with bucket loads of inspiring ideas, plans and galleries of beautiful homes and gardens. A little red wagon is perfect for holding planters and moving them from spot to spot in the garden throughout the season to fill in empty spots while new plants are maturing and as old plants begin to fade. WE HAVE A WINNER!  Scroll down to see the winning photo of a tool shed made of old doors by Trisha and Regan in California.    Thanks to all who entered the contest! Show us how you’ve recycled, upcycled or repurposed items for use in your garden by entering our “Recycled Items in the Garden” photo contest. The contest will begin September 20th and photo entries will be accepted from September 20th through October 20th .  The 3 top vote-getting winners will be announced on October 22nd. Our Grand Prize winner will receive a $100 Gardener’s Supply Company Gift Card; 2nd and 3rd prize winners will receive colorful Tropicanna canvas tote bags from Tesselaar Plants. Annette B repurposed an old firepit and planted with cheery Pursalene which blooms in the morning.
Melody P found this old fencing in alley and repainted it for use as a trellis in her garden.
Pearls, tulle, a gated fence and bright bold colors were the backdrop for our pinwheels & pearl party design last weekend. The plan had been to throw this table out after the party, but look how lovely it turned out.
The backyard was set up with pink, bright green & white blankets covering most of the ground as a unique way to handle seating for over 50 guests.

I just love The City Cradle and I will be checking back in regularly for more amazing inspiration! You will be able to download altogether ten fill in sets of building plans that have been used to build these pole barns. Pole barn construction techniques are explained in detail to help construct and design successful rod give up Download rod Building Construction per LB. Sign me up for free emails from Fine Homebuilding with the latest news, tips, and techniques. Although building a glasshouse from scratch is cheaper than buying a quality new kit, you’re still up for the material expenses such as timber for all the framing plus the cost of the glass, The builder of this glasshouse found a way around this issue by using salvaged windows. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Whether you’re building a ground up home for you and your children or just adding a Bali hut to the poolside, you’ll find friends here. Repurposing discarded items for functional or decorative use the garden is a growing trend.  We’ve seen lots of neat ideas but would love to see how you’ve turned castoffs and “junk” into joyful pieces for your garden.
Denise P lined it with screen wire using clothes pins to hold it to the sides of the basket. She’s also reusing old cinder blocks and rocks from an old construction project for pathways and raised beds.
Whether you are an experienced gardener or just starting out, we hope you will find our blog to be informative and helpful. Thankfully, there was just the slightest breeze Saturday and we all enjoyed watching them dance and twirl in the air. Pinwheels were set out unfolded and each guest wrote their blessings on the backside to be folded and hung in the frame. There were pinwheels to pose with and a chalk painted frame to write in a sweet birthday message. You’ll also find ‘mate’s rates’ materials, national directories of trades and services and even our ‘Sunday Markets’ where you can buy, swap and sell!
I love the varied composition of a gated pinwheel fence, beautiful pearls and a grass yard. Matt hates that I am always filing the car with stuff for our long drives but it is such a sweet payoff to see the $10 brass ugliness from a garage sale turn into the light above. Using a sharpie we drew a pinwheel outline at each child’s seat for them to color in. The games included a pinwheel bean bag toss to leisurely pass the afternoon away and a white balloon pit for the kids to play in.

Choose a length that allows at least 14″ of the stud to be placed in the ground for support. Be sure that you have some that will open for ventilation, at least 20-30% of your floor space.
There is something magical about beauty intersecting with nature that just is just so lovely to me. A can of spray paint was an easy way to turn someones trash into a beautiful design focus suspended above our party. I decided to extend the gable roof by 10? to cover a patio that would be supported by two concrete piers and some heavy timbers. You’ll also find lots of timber there so all you have to buy are your screws, caulking and latches. So this saved me a day off from work and a bit of gas money.In the mean time I was looking for windows to put in my upper back gable.
Also build the slant roof with at least a 4 degree pitch, otherwise rain may not sheet off well. Download our liberal pdf for tips tools and advice for pole building construction and design.
While every window now must be open at the same time, I can control the angle at which they are open. Pole barn building plans download on costless books and manuals search perch Barn Building manoeuver Sam Adams County Colorado pole barn construction download.
AS luck would have it the tops of the blocks were exactly level.Left over from a previous stenciled driveway project 12 years ago, I had a almostfull roll of mock herringbone stencil. The best part was that the windows were only$100 each.Sadly, I may have to wait until spring to go up and frame them in. The concrete was a little faster than we were so I now have a few areas with a distressed brick look.
It adds to the rustic character.Two weeks later I had a truck load of lumber delivered and picked up some heavy timbers at a nearby saw mill.

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