Keep surfaces free of clutter by using a wall-mounted extending clothes dryer and iron and board holder. A storage unit with black and white baskets keeps laundry products at bay in this compact utility room, use smaller baskets for utensils and cleaning products, and choose a metallic clothes horse that won’t look out of place in a modern scheme. Create an eco-friendly recycling station in your utility room – separate plastic, paper and metal tin cans into portable bags.
Separate your laundry in designated baskets to make doing the washing that little bit easier. Industrial storage is an original and highly practical storage solution for a utility room.

Objects you don’t use every day can be stored out of the way, but within reach, on shelves. Give yours wow factor with sky blue walls, canary yellow storage units and 50s-style wall art.
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In this 10 picture round up we show you how to create this beautiful utility room look - from the units to the blinds and accessories and everything inbetween.
Not a problem, with slim line storage spaces.  Are detergents and cleaning products cluttering up your cupboards?

Include a storage unit with rattan baskets for cleaning products, use it to tuck away your ironing board and define the area with a pretty wallpaper. There are two key factors to think about when creating this room design - storage and space. Fit shelves above the sink for storing vases and keep taller flower buckets in the cupboards underneath.Want more on utility rooms?

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