10x10 Custom Garden Shed with 6ft Walls, Vinyl Siding, Gable Vent, Large Windows, Ramp, Single Non-prehung Door and 8ft6in.
Specializing in wood sheds sales, vinyl sheds sales, wood gazebos sales, vinyl gazebos sales, outdoor furniture sales, playground equipment, sheds and gazebos custom built on premises or shipped to your location. Metal Sheds Online Sutton Green Garden Centre, Whitmoor Lane, Sutton Green, Guildford, Surrey. Whether you are looking for simple or ornate, just let your sales representative know your needs. The GrandChoice & StoreChoice metal shed ranges are good domestic, great value for money, buildings with long guarantees. The TriMetals UK metal sheds range with 25 years guarantee.Also available are the Capital Steel Industrial Buildings which can be made in any size up 20m wide, up to 6m high and ANY length.

All steel used on these outdoor storage units are made from HOT Dipped Galvanised Steel.StoreChoice Metal Garden ShedsThese good quality domestic steel outdoor storage garden sheds are great value for money and you will find that hot dipped galvanised steel is used to ensure long life. We offer many options and colors and they are manufactured by Countryside Woodcraft in Dickson, TN outside Nashville and Clarksville. As you go in the doors you will see a strong steel ramp to make it east to access the shed. Double doors and strong ramp for ease of access and this shed also boasts great eaves height. Engineered precisely from modern PVC coated galvanised steel which is about 50% thicker than other domestic metal sheds.
The paint thickness is twice other sheds and these features ensures a rigid, sturdy metal shed.

These are suitable for a great number of uses, such as a domestic garage, or for storage or for a very large workshop.
Roof slopes from high side on right down to left and is the ideal answer, being low maintenance. Available in a range of sizes these plastic sheds will naturally blend in with any backyard or garden.

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