Before buying any kind of shed, it is important to remember that such a task requires thorough planning. With the vinyl storage sheds you can have it customized which includes shelving requirements. The vinyl storage sheds come with frames made out of metal making it durable which can withstand any type of extreme weather conditions, whether it is too sunny or too cold in winter.
But to make sure that you get the right vinyl storage sheds, choose one from a well known brand. The reinforced structure ensures that your property is safe and the vinyl shed is sturdy and sound.
The 10′ Wide Woodside Series is the Duramax sheds signature line that gives you the ultimate solution for all your storage shed needs. The 6′ Wide Woodside Series is the Duramax sheds  line that gives you the ultimate solution for your small storage shed needs. Once you receive your new building begin by unpacking the pre-cut framing, doors and hardware. Best Barns wood shed kit components fit easily into place with no special tools or skills required! Exterior walls are prepped with OSB (oriented strand board) for application of vinyl siding of your choice. Our trusses are engineered to handle severe snow load of 40 psf (pounds per square foot) and 90 mph wind loads.
For extra strength metal hurricane truss hangers are supplied to secure trusses to the exterior walls.

Our wood floor systems offer two designs that let you choose what is best suited for your needs. The standard floor is best installed over and existing founcation, cement slab, blacktop or gravel base. Remember that when buying sheds, it is important that you get the shed that is not too expensive, but buy the one with high quality craftsmanship. These Duramax Vinyl Shed Kits are a Best Seller because they are a quality product that is easy to assemble and built to last. One of the best things about Duramax Vinyl Shed Kits offered by Bird Boyz Builders is the FREE SHIPPING! The wall columns are reinforced with a metal structure that adds strength to your vinyl shed along with a place to mount your vinyl shed accessories such as shelves and tool racks.
And if you've ever seen one of those, you'll understand why being creative when it comes to storage is so important.
Whether it is made of vinyl, wood, plastic or any other material, selecting the right shed for your yard will depend on the usage. Metal types can be noisy at times while the plastic types can crack and get damaged with time.
You can start building your vinyl storage sheds with your family or even with your neighbors or friends. The durable vinyl materials require little maintenance, and the array of sizes offers you the ultimate storage space for your needs.
Constructed of durable all-weather vinyl in neutral ivory, it will never need painting or treating.

Do not worry if some pieces go missing or get damaged as most vinyl storage sheds kits come with a warranty.
With a Duramax Vinyl Shed Kit you can quickly construct your shed and begin storing and organizing your outdoor tools, lawn maintenance equipment, patio furniture, and many other items. Shipped free anywhere in the continental USA, this is a great outdoor storage deal you can’t pass up! Many of the vinyl sheds can be further customized with windows, shelving, and other useful accessories to help you keep your items organized. As I've gotten older, I've decided that building my own storage shed was easier than trying to find one that fit perfectly in a specific spot.
The vinyl shed wall columns are reinforced with a solid metal structure, giving the shed a lot of strength and making it easy to hang shelves or garden tools. When you search online, you will find that the Duramax brand is one of the most dependable sheds you can buy.
Duramax vinyl sheds are wind tested to 115 mph and it can support up to 20 lbs of snow per square foot on the roof. For best long-term results, we recommend adding the vinyl shed foundation kit each sold separately.

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