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Vinyl storage sheds are more popular than metal or wood sheds because vinyl won’t bend or fade like those other materials do. The prices on Costco sheds can hit $2,000 or more for a shed that is large enough to use as a garage. Sam’s Club has a smaller selection of vinyl garden sheds than Costco, but you can find sheds priced at less than $800.
When shopping warehouse and membership clubs for prefabricated outdoor storage sheds, you might consider the optional accessories available at each store.
Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! I would like to know how much it would cost me to have a 12x8 simple shed ( one window, one door, no water, no electricity) build on my backyard.

I saw a special by Costco for $1000 and wonder if I could beat the price considering material from Home Depot and Craigslist style handyman. Costco offers a wide selection of wood, metal and vinyl sheds from manufacturers like DuraMax and Lifetime Products. All of the vinyl exterior storage systems have double doors that open wide, giving you more space to push a lawnmower or large object through, and many of the tool sheds have locks or work with padlocks.
The store offers a variety of sheds from Arrow, and most of these prefabricated outdoor vinyl storage buildings feature steel reinforcement inside the walls. Sam’s Club sells prefabricated floors for Arrow Sheds, which typically lack any type of flooring, while Costco offers accessory kits for the sheds. Most clubs charge $100 or less for membership, and you can use your card to save on clothing, tools, food, gift and outdoor supplies. I would prefer something bigger, ideal would be 16x8, or even 18-20x8 ( so long it does not look like a container) but I cannot find anything in that size. Prices start at less than $500 for a small shed with around 32 square feet of space, but if you want a vinyl shed, you should expect to pay $800 or more. You will even find storage sheds with decorative elements like windows and planters that let you quickly turn the shed into a playhouse or give your lawn a decorative look. Those steel-reinforced walls prevent bending and breaking from high winds and keep the shed stable.

These kits come with shelving systems and other accessories that let you store and organize everything from holiday decorations to gardening tools and equipment. QualitySmith will show you what each club offers in terms of outdoor equipment and sheds, and you can create your own Costco vs. Sam’s Club also gives you access to the large sheds that Costco does, including one model with more than 370 square feet of room. Sam’s Club prefabricated vinyl outdoor storage buildings retailer comparison chart based on that information. That additional labor, if you're expecting the handyman to do it, is going to run well over $200. This chart will help you see which club offers the best prices and widest selection of outdoor sheds.
Some of the smaller sheds are the perfect size for keeping your trash cans or lawnmower tucked away.

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