This eBook is a compilation of my articles about my treadle lathe brought together for your convenience.
I conservatively see two hundred wooden bench planes a year at antiques dealers and flea markets.
When I attended the ATC class at Dictum five years ago, Chris Schwarz told me that it was possible to make a backsaw using the steel from a plaster scraper, if a person just wanted to try making his own saw, and do it in a cheap way.I found a shop in the port where we are at now, that has cheap tools. Knowing a traditional way of doing something is certainly valuable, but it’s easy to get trapped in thinking that the traditional way is the only way, or the best way to achieve a goal. On Saturday, Chris Schwarz open his storefront for Lost Art Press in downtown Covington, Kentucky.
The plan has been since last fall that I was going to dedicate the month of January to working on the magazine exclusively.
Find within all the articles I have published about building and modifying my treadle lathe. I’ve included a couple of articles showing turned objects that were turned expressly as woodcarving projects. Once upon a time, there were numerous little books like this on the Internet, but some have disappeared. What you see here is simply a compilation of selected articles from my blog, pretty much as they appeared there.
Photos and pictures are reproduced here at the same size on the blog, within constraints of eBook size formatting (usually the size of paper). One of the best things about this eBook is that the links within the original articles are faithfully included here. After spending about an hour every evening in the shop and a big chunk of Saturday, my Paul Sellers inspired cam clamps are done. Just to recap…the heads are made from mahogany left in the attic from the previous owner of the house, the bars are from steel stock that I purchased from the local Lowes, the pins are made from 16d finish nails, the cams are from a maple board that I salvaged from a pallet at work and finally, the contact points received cork that I had lying around. The Paul Sellers’ Masterclasses video series on these cam clamps is a good one and covers the making of the smallest set in the photo above. Board orientation When gluing up flatsawn boards to make a panel, is it important to alternate the growth ring orientation of the boards?
There’s not a lot to it, just a simple box built with a top that sits at the spindle center line. The faceplate is a 4″ Easy Wood Tools aluminum faceplate with a simple block of wood screed on. Woodsmith’s editors cover the key details as they build a TV cabinet with built-in lift using basic plywood construction and solid-wood trim.
26 Video Editions—includes Heirloom Projects, Shop Projects, Step-by-Step Techniques and a Shop Tip.
The Woodsmith editors make a drill press more useful with a 3-in-1 upgrade that adds mobility, storage, and accuracy. Woodsmith Magazine ShopNotes Magazine Woodsmith Tips Woodsmith wooden toy puzzles shop at TV Show Woodsmith Books. Shop at DVDs now available Woodsmith cartridge holder ShopNotes Magazine woodturning magazine uk Woodsmith Tips Woodsmith Shop television receiver Show Woodsmith Books.
My girlfriend and I wanted to have a week away before she graduates law school in May and goes directly into study mode for the bar exam.
Since a search engine might find any of these articles, you are likely led to somewhere in the middle of the story. If you follow his LAP blog, you have been able to follow his progress from inception to birth. I knew there was going to be a lot of editing and design work that I couldn’t get done in my “spare” time alone. I watched countless videos of pole lathes and treadle lathes for several years before deciding to build one. Many images have larger versions available on the blog, and you can simply click on many images in this eBook to see the larger versions from the blog. They often have extra information and you can reach them through the link at the end of each article.
Woodsmith Magazine ShopNotes Magazine Woodsmith Tips Woodsmith wooden dowel sizes Shop television evince Woodsmith Books Woodsmith. Do it for 10-12 hours a day, 6 days a week and I'll guarantee that you will drop a lot of tonnage.
The Spanish cedar neck is 47mm wide at the nut, 57mm wide at the 12th fret.This is a loud guitar for its size, the guitarists who have played it all comment on how loud it is, one player stated "Wow! Also, the public excitement about M&T really forced me to step up my game and make this thing as polished as I reasonably could achieve with the time and resources I had at hand.
I take that money and I throw it at the bank holding the loan twice a month (I get paid bi-weekly).

Must have JavaScript enabled and Flash installed to view this Download Shelving Spans Workbench Height Plastic Runners Figuring.
I think one more month of OT and I'll be getting my title in the mail making me the sole owner of the the truck. Woodworking plans tools and kits for the home Every page of Woodsmith cartridge holder will hold you angstrom unit better woodworker because you get more woodworking plans more woodwork techniques You.
I’ve just scrubbed through all the articles to ensure the links are fresh, especially those pointing to plans and parts. It has a Douglas fir top, ebony fret board with 20 frets, Schaller Hauser tuning machines and an eighteen hole rosewood bridge.The back and sides are California Laurel with some fiddleback figure, the alder neck is lacquered black. It just gets to the point where you can live with it and the fire marshal doesn’t freak out too much. It seems that once readers began getting their copies and showing them off on social media others began to get jealous to see what they were missing out on. Because of the OT on saturday, my shop time usually is only a few hours in the afternoon.Today I had plans to start doing the panels for the toolbox. That is what I did today.finally doneBefore I got to the hand plane Olympics, I finished the DVD shelves. There is a very slight cupping along the length of the steel suggesting that it came from a roll. Yet, if you are curious, at the bottom of each entry you can find a link to the original online article. Admittance every issue of Woodsmith ever published over woodcraft springfield va cc issues Every plan technique bakshis and. But it is easily within the capabilities of the back to keep it straight.I used a tool bit from the lathe to scribe a line on the plate, so I could cut off the holes in the top. For weeks now, I have been full time answering emails, packaging magazines, and shipping orders out. I can say now that they are almost done.the top end grain isn't doneI can still feel a bit of the end grain on the top. A pair of metal shears easily cut the thin plate.The dovetail saw I have at home has got 20 TPI, but I didn't think I could manage to file that fine a set on my first attempt.
That would be decent for a small start-up independent publisher and would be considered a success in my book.
Instead of the toolbox, I concentrated my efforts today applying shellac to the DVD shelves.I have four of them in the shop taking up space and generally being a PITA.
But as momentum was gaining the past few months, I decided to bump up the print run to 5,000.
The trick is that if you are going to make very fine teeth, you can use the blade from a hacksaw with the same toothing as a guide.After about a third of the saw plate, I decided that it didn't work very well for me. Because I want to keep Issue One in stock I thought this would be a safe number to cover me at least for a few years.
Decided that I would finish applying shellac to the last two but there was a surprise waiting for surprise These two were supposedly done. Right now, only a few weeks after hitting mailboxes, Issue One is almost completely sold out. I am currently working on a second run of Issue One but it might be a month or so before I see that delivery. If you want a copy but still haven’t ordered, I recommend you get it now before it’s out of stock temporarily.Waiting to hear back from me?So if you have been waiting a few days to hear back from me with your order inquiry through email, please be patient. I used that to get close to the scribe line and then switched to the #4 to finish it to the line.fuzzy pic of my stringThis is my indication that I am down to the scribe line. This thing is way bigger than I anticipated and definitely way more than one person can handle. The ends of the shelves felt like I was dragging my fingers over a washboard.I could see the ridges in the sideI planed this before I did the glue up and I probably touched it up again before I applied the shellac.
I will get back to each and every one of you as soon as is humanely possible but as of right now Mortise & Tenon Magazine consists primarily of one person.
If you don't you have to look for the rabbet like indentation that the marking gauge makes. I am in the early stages of training help but it’ll be a few weeks before that transition is smoothed out. That is a hit or miss depending upon how you plane and if you are watching for it.the #6 got demotedThe #6 was working but it was taking too much time. I get to take this down to parade rest and start over again.the big threeThe steel wool did diddly on the washboard ridges. I don't have a heavy camber on the #6 iron so I can't hog as much in one pass as I can with the scrub plane.
The next batter was the scraper and it excels at removing layers of finish, drips, and runs but it didn't do much on the ridges.

Once I get my hand grinder set up doing a camber on the iron will be #1 on the hit parade.The scrub hogged the waste off much quicker and with fewer passes. As I gain more experience overseeing the ins and outs of running a magazine, I am confident things will become much more manageable. I still used the #6 but after I had used the scrub plane first.not an extraThis is going to be used on the back panel. And with hired help, I hope to see this operation running as smooth as any independent publisher could expect, even if it is (literally) a kitchen table publication in the meantime. The sandpaper worked and removed the ridges and smoothed them out.finger tips can't be fooledThe human finger tips are an amazing sensory tool.
I'll insert this so it straddles the cut line and in effect I'll be making two panel inserts.crude drawingThe top and bottom will be dovetailed to the sides. After each batter I danced them across the sides and they told me when I was done.I can still see a little of themI can still see them but they don't look as large as the first pic of them. More importantly, it feels smooth to my finger tips and they were the final judge.middle drawer stockOne of the long pieces had a bit of twist in it that I removed. I chased my tail on this for quite a while see sawing my high corners back and forth from right to left. When I saw the lid off the two will be finished and captive.the pile from the drawer partsMost of this pile is from the middle and bottom drawer along with the back panel divider.
You can generate a pile of shavings in a hurry from just a few small boards.feels good nowThe tops on both of these are smooth to the touch. I cleaned up both faces for now and tomorrow I'll plane them to thickness.cleaned both faces on the big drawer parts nextstickered for the nightI don't expect this to move on me because they have been hanging out for a few days now. Now it's done and has been moved into the boneyard.sides are batting firstI have done a lot of hand planing to thickness and I am somewhat comfortable with it.
I have 5 parts here to hand plane to the same thickness and this is my first time doing something this large. I use that as an indication that my reference face was flat and's bowedOver the past couple of days I've been reviewing the tool chest the Paul Sellers did on one of his video classes. This is uncharted waters but no blue chips, no balls I say.I started with the scrub plane followed by the #6 to remove the scallops from it. It worked as I only had one board that had a slight hump in it after I got to the scribe wellThis is a good plane to have for this work.
I want to be over and done with the DVD shelves first too.current storage statusThis I don't like.
I need to find a home for these somewhere.I'm eyeballing this semi-hole hereI can't remember the blog I saw a nifty clamp storage system on but he had the same clamps I had.
I planed until I got my strings and once those were gone, I was done.drags equallyWhen criss crossed from corner to corner it drags so I know this side is flat. If it had made like a helicopter rotor I would know I had a hump in the middle.amazing - all this from doing one side paneltrying something differentI did all the drawer parts and the first side panel by planing down to the scribe lines.
The first two clamp hanging bars are hinged and swung out of the way with the third one being fixed.
I had been doing this bevel thing here and that works but I think now that I have a few under my belt that I don't need this anymore. I haven't even gotten to the jello stage with plans yet but I will keep eyeballing this for inspiration.fixedI got a couple of coats of shellac on these two.
I tried it just to make sure that I was ready to get rid of these training wheels.last panelOne T-shirt change and 90 minutes later, I was done. That will give the shellac more time to cure.I think that maybe the seal coat I put on first might have caused the ridges.
I had even planed tapers, hollows, and humps galore in the boards.I think I have finally settled down with this and I am comfortable with using and checking for the gauge line. And I put on 3 seal coats and I didn't use the steel wool on it until the last coat had set up for a day. I'll have to find some similar scrap and test that done and one almostThe back one is like the previous two.
Turns out they aren't any harder to do then the stuff I've been doing.doneFirst test done and I got a passing grade on it.
I want the top to be as smooth to the touch as the rest of the shelf.You'll notice that I didn't rant and rave about the idiotic Day Light Savings Time that kicks in sunday morning at 0200. I'll get to use my new shiny brass dovetail gauge for the first time.doneThe first one on the left will be given away and the second one that was going to be given away too, won't happen.
I can't get past the painted ends so this will end up in the lunchroom with a 'free' tag on it.

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