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WE SHIP NATIONWIDE FROM OUR PENNSYLVANIA WORKSHOPEach building made to order to your specifications. We’re pleased to share with you our Small Buillding Portfolio Collection of original, copyrighted, timessless, classic designs. Carl has been saying that we need to build a wood shed ever since we bought the house because of the wood that was left to us and because we intend to burn it.
And, if they aren’t hideous, they look like miniature barns, which I seriously do not understand why people insist on designing them to look like tiny barns.
That being said, we still needed to have a wood shed for the winter if we were to have dry wood to burn over the next few months. Considering that we did not really prepare much to have a real wood shed, Carl has been sort of building a temporary one out of scrap.

In hopes of enticing some of our friends last minute, we had promised delicious micro-brews and a homemade meal as a reward. Rick has quickly become one of our dear friends in the last year, so it’s always good times when he stops by. But, about 2 hours had passed, and Carl had finish chopping up some wood, Rick had helped with my wood pile at the front porch and sorted some of the old wood too, and Rick and Carl had put together the makeshift wood shed just as a dusting of snow started to fall. I want to make it look decent, but I guess if we are going to tear it down after winter, it would be kind of pointless.
SHIPPING NOTICE: Because the shipping pallets size of this item, the shipping company is unable to use a lift gate to unload the product. By Susan from Paso Robles, California on January 22, 2013 I would like to order 2 more matching large windows for this shed. By Dawn on January 22, 2013Answer:They do not give us the option for adding windows and they do not have a recommendation for putting on a concrete foundation.

Post photos of your favorite tool shed, workshop, art studio, or any other small accessory building you've designed or built.
For easy assembly, the wall sections are panelized and the siding is already fastened onto the wall panels to ensure that the panels are square. Sign me up for free emails from Fine Homebuilding with the latest news, tips, and techniques.
Also, can it be placed on a concrete foundation and if so, what do I need to do, other than placing it on concrete with brackets?

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