Apres les options de reinstallation de Windows 8 avec les fonctions Reset et Refresh pour la restauration de donnees (voir cet article), Microsoft presente Storage Spaces, sa solution de gestion de stockage.
Rajeev Nagar group program manager de l’equipe Storage and File System de Windows 8, presente en detail la nouvelle fonctionnalite Storage Spaces ou Espaces de Stockage. Le but est aussi d’avoir la possibilite d’utiliser des disques virtuels, egalement appeles "Spaces", dont le fonctionnement est similaire aux disques physiques. Il est possible d’allouer une capacite au Pool superieure a ce que les disques physiques lies offrent. Cette solution implique aussi ce que la firme appelle Mirrored Resiliency : cela signifie qu’au moins 2 copies de toutes les donnees sont presentes dans le Pool, sur au moins 2 disques physiques differents.
En pratique egalement, les disques physiques qui composent le Pool ne sont pas visibles en tant que tel sous Windows 8 ou les applications, mais seulement sous forme d’un seul espace virtuel, le Pool, auquel on peut allouer la capacite que l’on souhaite et la modifier par la suite. Le mode Parite (Parity Resiliency) est a privilegier pour les gros fichiers, typiquement des videos par exemple que l’on met a jour peu souvent mais auxquelles on accede frequement.
Concretement, il sera necessaire dans l’exemple donne de connecter au moins 4 des 6 disques physiques qui composent le Pool My Home Storage a l’ordinateur afin d’acceder au Espaces Documents ou Multimedia.
Vous pouvez voir ci-dessous grace aux captures d’ecran le processus qui conduit a la creation de Pool et de Spaces grace a la fonction Storage Places. Il est ensuite possible d’ajouter des disques physiques au Pool, mais aussi de creer un autre Space dans le Pool de type Parity par exemple.
Ensuite, les Spaces des Pool peuvent etre utilises comme n’importe quel autre disque classique ou presque. Storage Spaces est une fonctionnalite que l’on retrouverait sous les editions serveur mais aussi classiques (desktop). With Windows 2012 Storage Spaces you are able to promote your Windows 2012 server with SAN functionality. Windows 2012 Storage Spaces provides you with thin provisioning, which can help you to reduce data footprint, and help you to use your storage more efficiently. Storage Spaces also supports trim, automatically running the Storage Optimizer to help reduce the physical footprint of data by consolidating data. Even if standard RAID can have slightly better performance in some scenarios, it does not offers you flexibility and performance tiers.
Windows 2012 Storage Spaces allows similar data resilience compared to standard RAID like parity and mirroring, but it also enables per-pool support for disks that are reserved for replacing failed disks (hot spares), background scrubbing, and intelligent error correction allow continuous service availability despite storage component failures. Storage Spaces is fully integrated with failover clustering, which allows it to deliver continuously available service deployments.
Storage Spaces are a new form of virtualised storage designed to bring resilient and easily expanded storage within reach of small organisations.

Both containers and VMs offer different ways of meeting an organization's application deployment requirements.
Buzzword bingo games these days typically include 'edge data centers,' but how much real interest is there among users? Serving the high performance computing market since 1994, RAID, Inc. has deployed end-to-end HPC solutions for leading corporations and government entities, including customized solutions with Microsoft’s Windows Server 2012.
The new software designed storage technologies available in Windows Server 2012 help transform an existing IT infrastructure into a modern datacenter at an affordable price point via the virtualized storage feature called Storage Spaces.
Storage Spaces – Provide virtualized storage pools and virtual hard disks that are configured with specific provisioning and allocation attributes, and can leverage failover clustering for high availability and resiliency. Enhanced SMB protocol – Enables file server support for applications needing high performance and availability. Data deduplication – State-of-the-art data chunking and compression for individual servers as well as branch office extension. Enterprise Clustering – Storage Spaces includes a failover clustering platform to achieve High Availability (HA) clustered storage. Cluster Shared Volume V2 (CSV2) – Shared file storage solution for consolidated storage and application clusters in non-Hyper-V environments. Live storage migration – Supporting high availability while moving virtual hard disks between hosts.
Support for VMware and NFS 4.1 – Enabling VMware virtual machines and other third-party platforms to run with NFS while gaining Windows continuous availability. At the conclusion of its testing, ESG stated, “These technologies enable enterprise IT to simplify services and management, while quickly supporting process and application deployment, scaling, and integration. This ESG report helps to educate IT professionals and provides an analysis about storage and networking capabilities of Windows Server 2012. Storage Spaces is a storage virtualization technology developed by Microsoft and introduced with Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.
Dans l’exemple presente, le Pool appele My Home Storage est compose de 2 disques physiques de 2 To ce qui represente une capacite physique de 4 To mais la capacite logique de ce Pool est de 10 To, ce que Microsoft appelle "thin provisioning", soit un espace virtuellement alloue.
Cela permet a l’ensemble de continuer a fonctionner meme si un disque physique tombe en panne, les donnees qu’il contenait etant alors rapidement dupliquees sur un espace libre. Le mode Miroir (Mirrored Resiliency) est lui plus adapte a des donnees regulierement mises a jour, comme un document texte sur lequel on travaille quotidiennement.
On selectionne les disques physiques que l’on souhaite, on leur attribue une lettre et une capacite maximale au Pool. This enables enterprise iSCSI services, which you can use to add storage volumes to other physical or virtualized server clients that supports iSCSI block protocol.

Also, you are not restricted to only one disk type, so you can combine SATA, SAS, SCSI and SSD. In Windows 2012 Storage Spaces you can improve performance of any volume by using SSD and RAM as caching method. In the event of a power failure or cluster failover, the integrity of data is preserved so that recovery happens quickly and does not result in data loss. If you reside outside of the United States, you consent to having your personal data transferred to and processed in the United States. We have been a proud partner of Microsoft since 2011, witnessing first-hand the development of a truly disruptive technology. SMB Direct provides RDMA hardware support for high performance storage capabilities without high cost. Storage space integration with failover clustering also provides continuously available service deployments. Du coup lorsque l’on parvient a la limite des 4 To, une notification demande a ce que l’on ajoute un disque physique supplementaire. Il n’est donc pas necessaire pour l’utilisateur de signifier sur quel disque physique il souhaite conserver telle ou telle donnee. This gives you great advantage over standard RAID, because you can define per-volume performance tiers based on your needs.
Storage spaces can then be instantiated on individual nodes, and the storage will seamlessly fail over to a different node when necessary (in response to failure conditions or due to load balancing). SMB Multichannel facilitates network bandwidth aggregation and fault tolerance for multiple paths between SMB clients and file servers. By clicking Ok, clicking any link on this page or scrolling down you are consenting the usage of cookies.
You can add and remove drives from a pool, and faulty drives are flagged by the system for replacement.
A virtual disk is a volume created on a pool, which can optionally include Raid-like resilience based either on mirroring or parity stripes; however it is not strictly RAID, but a similar technology.
Virtual disks support thin provisioning, where the size of the virtual disk is greater than the physical space.

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