It was just yesterday that Microsoft's Steven Sinofsky detailed the new "Refresh" and "Reset" option found in Windows 8 on the company's Building Windows 8 blog, but he's now already back with an exhaustive overview of yet another new feature. Do you want to have unlimited free storage space for saving your data in good and secured conditions?
For most of us, the storage space represents a real problem, especially when the storage capacity is limited or when you can’t expand it with a micro SD card. There are many cloud services available for your Windows 8 device, but the best will be not to mix more than 2 services at one time (for example, you can lose your data in case you forgot your account). Starting from now you can easily update files on your account; all the files will be then displayed on the Windows 8 app.
You can also edit or modify your data directly from Dropbox, so you don’t have to permanently download and upload the files you want to change. If you want to have an one-touch access to your media and data then Western Digital is the perfect cloud storage app app for your Windows 8 tablet. Western Digital is featuring a live tile on the Windows 8 Start Screen on which your data will be displayed.
SkyDrive is a great cloud storage service that can be anytime downloaded from Windows Store on your Windows 8 device if it doesn’t come built-in already.
With All My Storage app for Windows 8 you can easily manage all your cloud services and uploaded files. This free cloud storage service for Windows 8 offers 10 GB of storage space, so Box is better than SkyDrive when it comes to the free storage space available – on SkyDrive you only have 7 GB of cloud storage to handle.
There is no doubt that the new Metro UI, which some of us know already from Windows Phone, is the most prominent and controversial enhancement.
Thus far, Microsoft’s OS virtualization solution Hyper-V was only available for Windows Server. This feature caused a lot of stir in the Linux community because many Open Source guardians feared that Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) would prevent people from installing Linux on computers that are delivered with Windows 8.
Windows 8 will support partitions larger than 2TB, which will be important for the next netbook and tablet generation. If you ever lost data because of an automatic restart, you might be interested to know what Microsoft has to say about this kind of “user experience” (link below). The new Task Manager in Windows 8 is nice, but I guess most IT pros will barely appreciate it considering that free tools like Process Explorer and Process Hacker have much more to offer. There has been lots of confusion since information leaked that Windows 8 will run on ARM devices.
Windows 8 also has some enhancements to offer for people with disabilities: Narrator with improved performance, more languages and voices for the Narrator, and more Windows components and applications that can make use of the Narrator.
Windows 8's new Storage Spaces functionality will easily allow users and system administrators to pool different physical drives together into one logical drive, writes Rajeev Nagar on the Building Windows 8 blog. When creating a new Storage Space, you can specify a maximum size larger than the amount of available physical space - the system will prompt you when the storage pool needs more drives to work with. For an in-depth look at how this technology works (and a FAQ which answers, among other questions, some inquiries about its similarities to and advantages over RAID), check out the full post using the link below.
No, it's actually very different (and works parallel to what you can do in disk manager).Thin Provisioning being one key term of difference. I had some major performance issues with Drive Extender when it would rebalance the drives. Box Tool is a free Windows 8 cloud storage app to store files on the cloud, keeping them safe in case of system crash. All you need to do is just create a personal Box folder there and upload all your PPT files and other important docs. The above screenshot is displaying a folder that has been created and files that have been uploaded. Complete the form below, and we'll send you an e-mail every now and again with all latest news. TweetStorage Spaces is one of the most interesting (at least regarding the management of disks) feature of Windows 8. Unlike RAID, Storage Spaces does not require the use of identical hard disks and mounted on the same controller: the discs can be of different types and capacities or optionally connected via USB. Ei bine, Microsoft a decis confirmarea zvonurilor si publicarea unor informatii destul de interesante despre Storage Spaces.
Prin confirmare, intelegem, de fapt, ca au explicat in detaliu cum functioneaza aceasta noua functie. Dupa cum am banuit, Storage Spaces din Windows 8 este o reiterare a Drive Extender din Windows Home Server, aducand functionalitatile unui RAID emulat software. Acestea au fost apoi integrate intr-un singur spatiu de stocare virtual: „My Home Storage”. Adica imi da voie sa setez spatiu mai mare, chiar daca nu am destule HDD,doar ca pe viitor sa pot adauga altele?
Bitcasa has offered truly unlimited cloud storage for awhile, but only desktop users have had access to more than an HTML5 page.
This time it's "Storage Spaces," which will let you pool both virtual and physical drives (regardless of how they're connected) in a variety of ways to keep your data as safe as possible. That’s why I will describe the best Windows 8 Cloud Storage Apps that are currently available on Windows store.
Unfortunately this cloud storage service isn’t providing some important features such as the possibility of deleting and creating folders or moving items, while the loading time of general files is rather slow. The app can be downloaded for free from Windows Store and comes with great features and possibilities.

As you can see, Dropbox is a little bit more specialized in cloud storage services than Bitcasa and it is also free for those interested in using such service. Western Digital is actually more than just a regular cloud storage service as this tool is implying in using or connecting an external hard drive to your Windows 8 device, though managing your files will be easier than ever. You can then easily access your files, or share your data with your friends or with other Windows 8 devices. With this app you will get a user friendly interface and great features that can be used for syncing your data and personal files with your cloud service. So, if you want to move files between your accounts from one cloud service to another (the app handles multiple accounts like SkyDrive or even DropBox), then the best Windows 8 app to use will be All My Storage. Box can be downloaded for free from Windows Store, but the app still needs some improvements as the same SkyDrive has more features to offer and better possibilities of managing files.
You need to first download the app from Windows Store; create an account or sign in to the existing one. The main point about Metro is that its user interface and the corresponding apps are optimized for touch screens. What may be more interesting are the new file management features, such as improved duplicate file identification, multiple channel support in the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol, and better handling of confirmations and interrupts. In the 4sysops Windows 8 feature request poll, more than 4000 people chose better performance as the most important new feature. But I think the integration of Microsoft’s cloud storage service SkyDrive in Windows 8 is important enough to have its own heading. Certainly most interesting is the new web setup, which allows you to install Windows 8 through the Internet. The major improvement in Windows 8 is that security-related restarts will happen only once a month (on the second Tuesday).
However, major advances in recent years were developed by the hardware industry—in particular, the battery makers.
However, whenever you have to troubleshoot a Windows machine and you didn’t bring your tool box, you will like new features such as resource usage light-ups, process type grouping (applications, background processes, Windows processes), friendly names for background processes, and top-level grouping windows by app.
The fact that you won’t be able to buy and update legacy desktop applications through the Windows Store could be the major driving force for software vendors to focus on Metro and give up the old Windows application paradigm altogether.
It is good that Microsoft integrates this functionality now into Windows because it standardizes PC troubleshooting. I am not sure if the term “Windows on ARM” still makes sense because ARM devices will only support Metro apps and no Windows desktop applications.
It is optimized for touch and comes with many of the features you know from the browser of your smartphone: double tap, default full screen mode, touch keyboard, and touch optimized tab bar.
This functionality, which is similar in some ways to the now-discontinued Windows Home Server Drive Extender, will allow drives of any capacity connected to a PC by USB, SATA, or SAS interfaces to be seen by the OS as one large drive. It's massively different and one of the best things about Win 8.From what i can see you get the performance of RAID-0 speeds, but you can also mirror your data 2 or 3 times.
Windows does not currently allow multiple, physical storage devices to be used as 1 logical storage drive. Its kind of Windows 8 app for those who don’t have time to always turning on and off their PCs or laptops.
Now, the next time you log into your Box account, you just have to download that file from there. You can easily copy any of these files into another folder or can just move them from one place to other. Withdrawn from the market a range of Windows Home Server Drive Extender and removed, Storage Spaces is the only tool capable of handling the file system to organize the data into virtual disks, since the existing hard disk.
The important thing is that they have the same file system – NTFS, specifically for Windows 8.
Storage Spaces does not require great technical skills to be configured and offers a reasonable balance between advanced features and ease of use. Pe atunci, informatiile nu erau oficiale, ci descoperite in diverse fisiere ale buildurilor mai noi sau mai vechi.
Now that there's native Infinite Drive apps for Android, Windows 8 and Windows RT, that dream of having access to everything, everywhere just got more tangible.
That includes the ability to expand individual storage pools on an as-needed basis, and various ways to mirror your data for some added redundancy -- as you'd expect, the "spaces" themselves simply behave as a regular disk. Luckily for you, if you search for cloud storage apps on the Windows Store you can find some interesting and also useful tools to download and to use on your Windows 8 based device. In some cases, before performing some custom operations on your devices, you need to save or backup your data – else it might get corrupted or even wiped out. Read the lines from below, test the tools and decide which app to use as your own cloud storage service.
But, don’t forget that this service is free, so if you don’t want to make an investment, the Bitcasa cloud storage service for Windows 8 should be just perfect for you.
The tool is featuring an intuitive and easy to use UI, saving files with Dropbox being suitable even for a newbie. This app is also available for free via Windows Store, so don’t hesitate and test the same.
No browser or Windows Explorer window is required as you can now upload your files easily directly from your Windows 8 tablet or notebook. Anyway, Box is a good alternative to SkyDrive, especially when you need more free space to use. Then, create a folder on your computer, add files and data and sync the same with your online account.

It would be great if you add a short description of the feature and, if available, a reference where the feature has been described in more detail. IT pros in particular will love that they can now mount ISO and VHD files directly in Windows Explorer. I have been working with Windows 8 on a netbook for a few weeks and Microsoft’s claim appears to be true.
Essentially, UEFI uses public key cryptography to allow secure boot-ups by reducing the risk of boot loader attacks. However, Windows Defender will become full-blown antivirus software as it will not only protect Windows 8 from spyware, as in Windows 7, but also from viruses and worms. Probably the coolest thing is that disks can be of different size and connected through USB, SATA, and SAS (Serial Attached SCSI).
The only exceptions are critical security updates—for example, if a computer worm is spreading.
And, even if you use a password management tool, you need to at least be able to log on to your Windows machine before you can use it.
However, more interesting is the PC Refresh feature of Windows 8, which allows you to keep specific settings such as user names and passwords, data, and installed apps. I am afraid that the confusion will continue once the first Windows ARM tablets become available. Plus if one disk in the Storage Space fails, it's no problem, you can add another disk easily, and in the meantime the Storage Space continues to work as normal.It also automatically copies any mirrored data that was lost on the failed drive over to the newly added drive without you having to do anything.
You can simply upload all your important files on your Box account and just leave them there. In practice, Storage Spaces allows you to add the capabilities of each drive to get a single large space for storing mass which is similar to RAID configurations.
Windows Server 2012 refs would also support a new file system from Microsoft, which, however, can not be formatted for removable media. Asta inseamna ca atunci cand unul dintre HDD-uri devine nefunctional, accesarea fisierelor nu este afectata. Totusi, cred ca functia este adresata mai ales mediului enterprise, adica versiunii server a Windows 8. The new apps stream media in a native player and offer two-way file access, no matter the size or quantity -- if your life's work is in the cloud, your Surface can see it. In that matter and for helping you out, during the following lines I will describe the best Windows 8 Cloud Storage Apps that are currently available. So, you need to find a way in which you can safely store your apps, general data, personal accounts and info along with market apps and so on. Of course, if you choose the Pro version of the cloud service then you will be able to receive and use more dedicated features and possibilities – you can integrate Google Drive or SugarSync.
If you have questions or if you can’t use one of the described tools from above, tell us and we will assist you as soon as possible. Storage pools support thin provisioning (physical space is only used when the capacity is needed) and resiliency (mirroring for fault tolerance).
Microsoft also introduces a few changes in the way users will be informed about updates and restarts. Many will notice only when they unpack the device that it is not really a Windows machine since the vast majority of Windows applications won’t run on it. Just log into your Box account over this app for Windows 8 and have those files right in your system. Avand in vedere ca am un HDD care mai da rateuri uneori, as fi foarte curios sa folosesc aceasta functie (mai am un HDD pe care nu il folosesc). Android users can also link their camera app to Bitcasa to guarantee an instant photo backup, and any file is shareable with those who haven't signed up. Feel free and add your own top of cloud storage services for Windows 8 with us and we will update the list from above accordingly. SmartScreen, Microsoft’s reputation-based malware protection, will now protect not only Internet Explorer but also Windows 8.
This feature will only work for Metro apps and not for legacy Windows desktop applications. Such a gesture is probably easier to memorize but still hard to crack with a brute force attack.
Windows 8 will also be hardened with an enhanced Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR), kernel improvements, and a new Windows heap.
For ISVs, this will be another reason to dump Windows desktop mode and concentrate on Metro. I wonder if it wouldn’t have been better if Microsoft introduced a new abstraction layer that allowed applications with two types of user interfaces. If you run out of disk space, you would typically need to remove files or buy a different hard drive.
The $10 monthly subscription is relatively cheap when there's no ceiling to what the service can hold; just try not to stream a 1080p movie from that capped mobile connection if you're not a fan of overage fees. The only downside i can think of is that if you mirror your data then obviously it's going to use more drive space. With this new technology, you could purchase another hard drive and simply plug it into your computer.

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