Vetrina Del VinoThe hammered copper heads remove and there is hardware provided to secure the rack directly to the wall snugly so its just not hanging. Wine Bottle Storage - Wine Racks, Wine Coolers, Wine Bottles, and Wine Guide and Help Site. Planning your Wine Bottle Storage is one the key ingrediants before determing what solution you will need. If you have less than 20-25 bottles and only want to keep around 20 bottles on hand, a small bakers rack or kitchen rack setup may be sufficient.
If you currently have 20+ bottles of wine in your small collection but hope to add 10-20 bottles of wine a month don't go small.

Wineglass Holders & Wine Bottle Storage Racks for Kitchen Cupboards You are using an old browser.
They not only provide racks already installed but they also provide cooling and prolonged storage capability.
It can be very annoying and time consuming removing a bunch of wine bottles and then trying to install the new wine racks. The cooling unit inside of a wine cellar keeps wine stored at the best possible setting for as many years as you need. If you have a wine room then the solution is simple; add your wine racks to your wine room.

Although make sure the wine room has a proper cooling system and is out of the sun light; cool wine lasts longer. If you don't have a wine room but want to store wine for a prolonged period I suggest a wine cellar.

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