The prepaid market has gotten quite competitive over the past couple of years with prices dropping and carriers adding new services to their prepaid offerings. Additionally, AT&T have launched a Wireless Home Phone plan for $20 a month that features unlimited calling and no data.
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Now browse the Internet at speed of 2 Mbps with tariff of just Rs.499 per month for 5000 MB data usage . Though English admits the project might cost billions, he's committed to the initiative, even if it means self-financing.

A complimentary licensed anti-virus package worth Rs.1,500 is also provided with the Tikona Wireless Broadband to Home service that protects data on customer PC from spyware, viruses , and malware. JoinAfrica would first branch out existing Web connections in villages using, for example, simple WiMAC hubs.
The Home Base retails for $199 while its voice-only cousin is discounted at $69 (normally $99).
At the core of JoinAfrica is the belief that providing basic Internet is as essential to society as clean water and power.
And while ever completing a project of this size might be a long shot, English says he's on the verge of announcing a major infrastructure partner (he declined to say exactly who just yet).

JoinAfrica's massive scale and hybrid business model have won over potential partners who might otherwise have viewed a free Internet scheme as a threat to their existing for-profit infrastructure.

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