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Wood Badge is where you hone your leadership skills for use in your everyday life, at home, work and in Scouting.
How to JoinJust come to any weekly meeting through the year and we'll help you get registered. What’s Scouting?Scouting provides an opportunity for young people to develop, learn and enjoy life. This initial training addresses basic program planning, the badge system, policy, and using the outdoors.
This is more advanced training intended to go into much further depth on program planning and outdoor skills. The cost of this Part 2 is $210.00 to cover facility rental and meals over all three weekends.
The Spring 2016 course will be held April 15-17 AND May 6-8, 2016 at the Theodore Naish Scout Reservation. The Fall 2016 course will be held September 9-11 AND October 7-9, 2016 at the Theodore Naish Scout Reservation. Wood Badge is a series of fun and educational weekend training activities that develop you into a better Scout leader.
Be registered adults of the Boy Scouts of America (there is no minimum tenure requirements). If you have been a member of Gilwell Park, by completing your Wood Badge Course, then "complete your ticket", and register on the site with your Course details and your Scouting resume. With a pull of the string, Kim Medill launches the Eagle Patrol’s rocket into flight (above).
But for a vacation that tests your limits, gives meaning to your time spent in Scouting and makes your job as a leader easier, just say yes to Scouting’s pre-eminent training course for adults. Your deluxe six-day, all-inclusive Wood Badge experience comes with decades of Scouting knowledge, a skilled and helpful staff and a guided tour through the entire Scouting program from Tiger Cubs to Venturing.
Wood Badge is expertly designed to stress you out, tie you in knots and take you on the same emotional roller coaster we put our Scouts on as they advance in the program. In other words, you might not leave Wood Badge feeling relaxed, but you’re guaranteed to be recharged and ready to tackle any problem your Scouts throw your way.
A split second before shouting something to the entire troop, the Wood Badge Scoutmaster has a better idea.
We’d try to explain in detail what’s happening in the pictures here, but we don’t want to spoil the fun for when you take Wood Badge.
At various times during Wood Badge, grown men and women impersonate Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venturers, den chiefs, troop guides, assistant patrol leaders, patrol leaders, scribes, chaplain’s aides, quartermasters, assistant senior patrol leaders, assistant Scoutmasters and a very hard-working senior patrol leader and Scoutmaster.
The role-playing means that rather than click-click-clicking through an online training course or paging through a two-dimensional handbook, adults who attend Wood Badge experience Scouting fundamentals by living them.
That’s just what a group of 50 men and women did in August 2012 when they gave up a week’s vacation and several hundred dollars to meet at Philmont Scout Ranch for the Circle Ten Council’s Wood Badge course. Taking Wood Badge at Philmont with the rugged Sangre de Cristo Mountains as your neighbor is an extra square of chocolate in your s’mores — awesome, but not essential. THE PATROL METHOD, devised by Scouting founder Robert Baden-Powell, organizes Scouts into small groups.
At Wood Badge, participants join patrols of complete strangers, and everyone gets a turn as patrol leader. That’s intentional, says Dan Zaccara, a Silver Buffalo recipient who was one of the authors of modern Wood Badge. Those stages include forming (a disorganized group coming together), storming (clashing as different ideas get shared), norming (sharing control and compromising) and performing (skill and enthusiasm at their highest). In fact, you can find most of the leadership lessons taught at Wood Badge in the self-help section of your local bookstore.
Oh, and unlike your office’s awkward team-building outings, everyone at Wood Badge actually wants to be there. THE WOOD BADGE formula started with a master plan (or is it evil plan?) sharpened in 2000 by Zaccara and his colleagues on the Wood Badge task force. During the 2012 Philmont course, most of the storming happens during a critical moment on Day Two.
It sounds sadistic, but there’s a point: Without some storming, you’ll never have a high-performing team. On the final day at Philmont, participants gather for a slideshow of photos from the course.

The participants have reached their emotional apex, and they’ll take this passion home with them. Chapter 1: The experiential course, which takes place over one six-day week or two three-day weekends and includes leadership classes, games, activities and plenty of meaningful conversations. Chapter 2: The Wood Badge ticket, a series of five projects (completed after Chapter 1) that benefit a Scouter’s home unit and local community. This entry was posted in Boy Scout Leader Training, Boy Scout Leadership, Cub Scout Leader Training, Features, Leaders, Magazine, Training, Venturing Leader Training, Wood Badge, Wood Badge and tagged Adult Training, training, Wood Badge. I have been asked to be on staff for C1-286-15, we would like to use the article in our recruitment materials posting on a webpage, reprints, or other means.
As long as you’re not using it for commercial purposes and credit the magazine, you may re-print it for Scouting use.
I had the pleasure of attending the first Woodbadge for the 21st Century held in my council.
Adult Leader Training Basic TrainingIf you are registered as an ASM (assistant scoutmaster) you are considered fully trained only after completing the following courses: Youth Protection Training, This is Scouting (formerly new leader essentials), Leader Specific training-Indoor, and Leader Specific training-outdoor. There are a number of leader training opportunities coming up to help improve our skills and program. This is also a great opportunity to network with other leaders to get ideas and and hatch plans for shared events. It provides participants with firsthand knowledge regarding how teams develop and achieve excellence. There is some physical challenge involved, but nothing that should keep anyone from attending this great opportunity.
Successful completion of the Annual Health & Medical Record is required for all participants. It's free and you can find out about all the Gilwell events, the History of Wood Badge, and take a virtual tour of the park! Wood Badge is an eight-day training course involving Scoutcraft and leadership skills for Unit, District, and Council-level volunteers. Read on about how this training session helps new-to-Scouting adults lead more successful packs, troops and crews. The flight trajectory looks good to the Wood Badge participants standing behind her, but downrange, Senior Patrol Leader Bill Hemenway (on left) and Scoutmaster John Stone seem almost giddy when the rocket fails to hit its target. He walks over to Senior Patrol Leader Bill Hemenway, whispers in his ear and takes two large steps backward. Suffice it to say you’re in for a treat, whether singing, cheering, hiking or participating in team-development games.
To help keep the course accessible to as many Scouters as possible, many councils’ Wood Badge courses take place at local camps. Ken Davis, a historian who has served on 30 Wood Badge staffs, says open-minded Scouters learn the most. But when’s the last time you actually worked in a patrol-like group yourself? At your day job, perhaps, or in your own troop all those years ago?
At first, the process feels forced: You will spend 24 hours a day with these people you just met, and you will like it. Just like our Scouts, Wood Badge participants get too much to do and not enough instructions or time in which to do it. But those books lack the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law, and they don’t include Scouting-specific connections that convert abstract leadership lessons into something you can actually use. Like Nancy Champion, an Owl Patrol member who says she’s having the week of her life at Philmont.
They decided to force patrols to that second stage of team development (storming) by adding pressure points. And Wood Badge is a safe environment in which to storm because staff members are trained to recognize this stage and bring in the umbrella if things get out of hand. These teams, now in the performing stage, settle in at the same patrol tables where they formed, stormed and normed days earlier. The main building of one of the two training centers in Sri Lanka is named after Philmont, as it was due to a grant from Boy Scout of America that we were able to put up that building. I am still relatively new to Scouting and would like to get more practical experience and training before I do Woodbadge. The HOV council requires that all direct contact leaders (SM & ASM) be "trained" in order for the Troop to recharter the following year. The 403rd Toronto is open to any young person regardless of sex, creed, colour, orientation, mental or physical ability. The forms are attached.  The group will cover the registration cost for members of the group. Unlike the part 1, we’ll be camping the whole time and will have more time to experiment with program ideas.

Participants take part in an active learning process through involvement in planning, development, presentation and assessment. The time constraints are tight, but only because we jam so many great training activities into the weekends. If an attendee has to miss any of the sessions they will be dropped from the course and will be asked to return the following year to attend the entire program. That’s why Hemenway, whose gray-flecked hair signals he’s no longer a teenager, takes on the role of the troop’s top youth leader.
Circle Ten’s annual August course at Philmont distinguished itself as the only Wood Badge offering at the New Mexico paradise — that was, until the Fort Worth, Texas-based Longhorn Council joined the fun.
The traditions, games, classes, activities, leadership lessons and course schedule are the same whether you take it in winter in Wichita or summer in Seattle. The stage names debuted in 1965, and if your boss shipped you off to a team-development course in the past several decades, you’ve probably heard them. This usually results in a thunderclap of disagreements and frustration among otherwise friendly and courteous Scouters. As the slideshow reaches its emotional apex, some of the same Scouters hit hardest by storming are the first to reach for the box of tissues.
I can also say that going to Wood Badge will save you a lot of time reading business books and its a lot more fun. This does not include those adult leaders who function as Committee members or merit badge counselors though we do recommend it. We are entirely volunteer run and welcome new volunteers, especially parents of youth members.
You must be at least 16, have your part 1 and at least a year of group leadership experience before you can take your part 2. Participants will enjoy a world-class learning experience that will strengthen their long-term commitment to Scouting and provide them with valuable leadership skills. This includes attendance at any patrol meetings during the intervening week between the first and second weekend. These adults are thrown into a high-pressure situation in a new location with unfamiliar people and an interrupted sleep schedule. This is a great course to help all Scouters both volunteer and professional to learn leadership skills.
There are set guidelines for reporting abuse, remember, Youth Protection Begins With YOU®ActivitiesThere are several activities happening that packs, troops, crews, and teams can become involved in! What ever the country is, the spirit of the Wood badge is the same , it appears .Thanks for the essay. Identify and recognize abuse in all its forms and be familiar with how to report these problems to the proper authorities.
Since 1988, the Boy Scouts of America has provided adult and youth training to combat this societal problem.
For youth, the BSA uses a variety of tools, including videotapes, to communicate with young people about protecting themselves against all forms of abuse. The BSA's award-winning videos of child abuse prevention help youth recognize dangerous situations and avoid becoming victims.Hazardous Weather Training. It reviews and details potential weather conditions that jeopardize the safety of the Scouts and leaders. It also explains precautions and protective measures to take if caught in foul weather conditions. This can be taken on-line and must be renewed every two yearsSafety Afloat is training for events which require the use of any water craft. Must be renewed periodically and is available on-line and must be renewed every two years.Additional Advanced Training  CPR - Cardio Pulminary Resucitation. Check their website for additional information.     Other on-line training is available and is continuously updated.
Baden-Powell designed it so that Scouters could learn, in as practical a way possible, the skills and methods of Scouting.
The entire troop lives in the out-of-doors for a week, camping, cooking their own meals, and practicing Scout skills. Like many intense training experiences, it has always relied on a busy schedule forcing the participants to work together, to organize and to develop an enthusiasm and team spirit to accomplish the tasks and challenges placed before them.

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