There is a statue the Cairo museum of a man from the period of the Great Pyramid of Giza, possibly 4000 B.C. There are four basic styles of wood carving, Whittling, Carving in the Round, Releif Carving and Chip Carving. Carving in the Round is a method of wood carving that results in a three-dimensional wood sculpture with a view from all sides. Relief Carving is a method of carving that involves chiseling away from one side of a flat board such that you have a raised picture on a flat background much like a three-dimensional painting. Chip Carving is done by chipping out triangular-shaped chips of wood from a larger piece of wood such that a pattern or picture is left behind.

The following woods are soft and easy to carve, with basswood the preferred wood for beginners: basswood, aspen and butternut. The most commonly employed woods include boxwood, pine, pear, walnut, willow, oak, and ebony. The expression of the face and the realism of the carriage have never been surpassed by any Egyptian sculptor of this or any other period. The result is usually not very detailed, as this is a rougher, more abstract method of carving. This depends greatly upon the amount of application which you may be willing or able to devote to its practise.

Our Patterns & Designs Are gravid For Wood Burning step by pace book of instructions 12 free patterns and tons of photos to guide you through with your first carving. Although they were universally one of the earliest art media, wood carvings have withstood poorly the vicissitudes of time and climate. You can find free beginner wood carving patterns at http ONLINE 20 wood carving patterns for beginners free.

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