You should be able to complete majority of the carving in 4 days, slower or less experienced carvers will need more time. Please note that these workshops are not suitable for those who never carved and for very new beginners.
Please contact Fred Zavadil for pricing info, address, phone number or with any other question you might have. Japanese Sculpture – Wikipedia, The Free EncyclopediaThe art of carving masks for Noh (Noh-THEATRE) flourished and improved from 15th to 17th century.
Shetani – Wikipedia, The Free EncyclopediaA Swahili word used in various East African nations to refer to mostly malevolent native pre-Islamic spirits, shetani (pl. Carving WoodCarving Wood Completing a carving provides a sense of pride that will last a lifetime. Djembe – Wikipedia, The Free EncyclopediaMost djembes from Mali, Guinea, Burkina Faso, and Senegal are still hand carved from traditional species of wood, using traditional tools and methods. Flickertail Woodcarvers Library AuthorBuchanan, Joyce Bark Carving Wood Spirits, Faces, Expressions : 132B . Charlotte Woodcarvers ClubIt is great to see the carving enthusiasm by all club members at our Tuesdays meetings.
Should You Restore And Refinish Antique Furniture?Look at the overall quality of the wood and craftsmanship, including any carving present. Our Quirky Workshops take place at Greystoke Cycle Café, either in our cosy converted barn, our lovely Tea Garden or the farmhouse kitchen. Occasionally our server hiccups & emails don't get through to us - we always reply - please send your message again if we don't respond within 48 hours . Living just a few miles away from the Cycle Cafe in Cumbria's lovely northern fells we were delighted when she agreed to take some courses here in Greystoke during 2015. Participants will need to bring half a metre of both an outer fabric (heavy weight, curtain fabric is good or perhaps heavy linen)  and a lining fabric (quilt weight cotton or cotton lawn) If the outer fabric has a large pattern, a metre would be better to allow for pattern matching. Please also bring matching thread, fabric scissors, pins, ruler and a hand sewing needle also helpful. Participants will need a metre of both outer fabric (heavy weight, curtain fabric is good, heavy linen) and lining fabric (quilt weight cotton or cotton lawn) For contrasting piping a fat quarter of a contrasting fabric is needed, otherwise we can use the outer fabric.

Emma uses her own patterns, which you will be able to take away with you along with full instructions after the course.
Marion is an experienced spinner, weaver, dyer, knitter and crocheter as well as being a tutor and designer. The cats always enjoy it too and can be found in a sleepy ball somewhere amongst the fleeces! During this fascinating day , Marion will teach you all about different types of sheep along with corresponding fleeces, their various merits and different uses with many samples on hand to explore.
You will sort through some fleeces and learn how to prepare the fibres using hand carders.
She spends the summer painting flowers in her studio at the foot of the Cheviots Hills and is a member of the Council of the National Trust. Emma provides traditional frames to use of 3ft x 4ft, ideal for large floor rugs and the type for which she is so well known. You can use the frame for the day and just pay Emma for the detached hessian at the end - or you may buy the frame and take it home for £40 - decide on the day.
Similarly with the hookie tool - these are completely hand made by the only man in the country who makes them. Once booked with Emma  you could start looking out for materials to bring with you for our rug. These lovely black and white images have been printed weekly from his intricate wood engravings for the past twenty years! You will have a pizza lunch on a previously made oven and so learn the process of lighting and cooking once your own oven is ready to use. The two pizza ovens at the Cycle cafe are completely covered up during the winter to protect them from frost and rain.
Working on a pole lathe is very relaxing and perfect to de-stress it also requires a reasonable level of fitness. Simon has recently (and consistently) won awards for his work in the much acclaimed 'Craft and Design' publication. Originally Longbows were believed to be around 6ft in length with an estimated draw weight of 90–110 pounds-force maximum.

However, since the excavation of the Mary Rose,  (the famous warship of King Henry VIII in service from 1511 until she sunk in 1545). It was essential that the english army had sufficient young, up and coming archers in the making, and it was a skill requiring huge strength, precision and training . The Yew trees of England were mostly cut down for longbow production and laws were changed to allow the kings men access to all lands for the extraction of Yew.
At some stage we hope to run a YEW English longbow course - please let us know asap to join the list of those interested. We will also talk about sharpening, finishing, and staining – all you need to do is ask, Fred will gladly share his experience. We are pleased to announce that Doris Sheldon has agreed to instruct a class on carving Wood Spirits and Tory Neald has agreed to instruct a class on Bark Carving.
Marion is also a founder member of The Wool Clip co-operative, selling her fine silk and merino woven scarves, yarns and clothing.
The meaning and importance of crimp and lustre , and why some fleeces are easily spun, whereas others are not.
Simon has been carving in stone for some 20 years and teaching his craft to  students of all abilities throughout the UK and abroad for the last ten.
It was believed that a professioal mediaeval archer could shoot an arrow around 350- 400 yardsand an everage archer approx 200 yds. If you would like to come and work another day or two before or after the workshop, please email us. Fred accepts only 4-5 students at time which allows him to work on different projects with each of them.
If you decide for one of Fred’s projects, let us know which one you would like to carve.

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