We used a combination of a radial arm saw, a table saw, and a bandsaw, but you could accomplish it with a table saw and a hand saw.
If your items need help staying in place, cut tongue depressors in half and place one behind each display card. Get immediate access to your free printable gratitude journal so you can join the Daily Gratitude Challenge when you decide to live the adventure with The Artisan Life!
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I created my template in Silhouette Studio and cut it with my Silhouette Cameo, but you could draw it by hand with a ruler and pencil. Trace the tiered step design onto both of the 12″ wide pieces and then carefully cut along the lines using a bandsaw or hand saw.
Use multiple passes on the table saw to create grooves down the center of both 4″ sections. Virtually all hardware and home improvement stores offer one free cut with each board purchase and are willing to do additional cuts for a few cents.
Using the 150 grit sandpaper, sand every part of your project, paying special attention to edges, corners, and any smudges or stains along the flat surfaces.

After 10-15 minutes (or as directed by your stain), use paper towels or a rag to wipe away any excess, pooling stain.
After the stain is completely dry to the touch (usually 4-6 hours), lay out a new protective surface, flip your project pieces onto it, and stain the other side. This not only takes up extra space in the groove, but also offers support and something for your cards to lean against! I’m very impressed with your handiwork here ?? Something like this would be nice for my guest books or wedding invitations as well…thanks for the inspiration! Plus you'll get access to weekly free inspirational printables and inbox aloha, sent Monday Morning, island time, to brighten up your Aloha Monday.
Just confirm your subscription and you'll get immediate access so you can begin developing your attitude of gratitude. I was working all day, every day to get ready for my first craft show since moving to Hawaii! I knew when I started doing shows in Hawaii that I’d need something far more substantial. The 2′ section is for the stands shelves, so feel free to make it longer or shorter, according to your needs. Ensure that the tiered side pieces can fit into the grooves, but that they don’t have too much wiggle room.

Placing down new plastic is important if you had any drips or leaks while applying your first coat. It has advice for how to successfully stain wood, as well as photos and ideas for a DIY wood craft fair display that’s easy to use with bracelets, earrings, brooches, hair pins, or basically anything else that you can display on a card. I don’t have step by step photos for cutting the wood (because stopping to take pictures in the middle of a crowded wood shop seemed both dangerous and rude to the folks waiting to use the equipment), but I hope the pictures provide some inspiration!
This tiered display shown above is what we designed, and I decided to share my project in the hopes that it can help someone else. When I was looking for plans and idea for DIY craft fair displays, I was pretty disappointed by the results! I usually prefer to post very accessible tutorials that don’t require many pieces of specialized equipment, but I thought it was worth breaking tradition today.

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