Return to the craftsman of the beginning of the 19th century style, when he started the House smaller and simpler overcome the more ornate architecture Victorian era. Decoration and trim around the door of an artisan is built so that they coincide with own door. Craftsman style bungalows remains popular among working class house buyers until after the second world war, when casual Ranch style. In addition to the coincidence of the elite of sid, it includes another exercise of the entry of craft wood that stands out models resistant artisan simple and natural materials. Craftsman in the making use of natural materials so as to provide an attractive visual display with little decoration. Craftsman style has inner straight lines and open spaces and is characterized by the abundance of custom millwork.

This design can also encompass more that the door frame and its immediate surroundings include the wood in a gallery with tapered square columns support and an unfinished wooden ceiling.
Two huge panels can run vertically along side the door, four panels which can be organized into two parallel groups, is also possible in other numbers or arrangements of panels.
The craftsmen in the pengerjaanya merge or combine between wood design principles, berpanel and simple window panels to match sidelitas. Style artisan wood extends from the cultures of trees outside the House of the Interior compartments and doors and doors. Even seemingly inconsequential actions can, for example, the House numbers and wall candle, adapt to stress the central role of the door. A door with a settlement outside by parallel plates by a second level of horizontal plates can also be after.

Use the entrance with natural materials as well as provide a very smooth quality and combine several brands of dagan in arsitekture craftsman. PANELED doors, batten doors are looking for the function of the angle of the joints on the outside, which can be vertical or diagonal on their horizontal boards.

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