Ok so my brother bought a siaga 12, standard model in all respects, looks nice and shoots better than i thought one would. They have the wooden handguard for the Saiga 12 in stock on their website but send an email first. Might be a long shot but if you're brother is doing a full conversion to its AK-style roots, then wooden furniture from any standard AK will also work. I would deffinetly go with a full conversion and use regular AK stuff, at least for the stock and pistol grip. The problem with a saiga, unless you get a split or reweld the retainer for the hand guard, you have to use some model for them specifically.

Century Arms Muzzle Break for PAP M85 and M92Century Arms Muzzle Break for PAP M85 and M92. IMPORTANT: Please note that you must now log in with your email address and not your username! There were some Saiga 12 shotguns with wooden furniture but I can't recall what happened to them. I was going to buy an 1P21 SVD scope from them which the website showed as in stock but when I emailed them they were sold out. PG's will fit if you cut a hole in the bottom of the reciever, OR use the Tromix D-I-Y kit and it doesnt require you cut into your reciever.

9mm Parabellum Based upon the combat-proven and well-respected Israeli sub-machine gun design developed by Uziel gal in the 1950's. Either limited production run or were only imported for a short while before the polymer sets became standard.

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