With thirty years of custom woodworking experience, Michael McDunn works closely with clients to draft and finalize design. From the beginning of my involvement with using an obscure piece of wood to make something lovely and fine, everything has fallen into place to keep me firmly entrenched in woodworking, sometimes as art, sometimes as craft. Join us as we discover and share information about wood, good friends, events, and the glue that binds them together.
Unless you are interested with a variety of the table’s materials and you do want to have the type of the table that brings its trademark for the entire home, the option will absolutely go to the wood table. Barn wood table is actually a good idea for the people to have as it brings the trademark, it provides the classic and modern look at the same time, and also it gives the same visual wherever these pieces of furniture are used. If you want to have the imitation of the barn wood table, the rough sawn timbers is best matched with the timber frame.

All custom furniture pieces are crafted on-location at the Studio in Greenville, South Carolina, where they reside in many local homes as tomorrow's antiques.
This forced me to design furniture that was fitting for both 18th Century as well as more modern environments.
Barn wood table has been used by the people to fit any kinds of the styles and also the purposes.
The piece of furniture made of the barn wood is a perfect option for decorating and beautifying the house in a great style to be adored.
Michael McDunn's commercial pieces such as conference tables, desks, and credenzas command attention in many corporate offices, including those of Michelin, Raycom Media, Liberty Corporation, Carolina First, and more. As a result, much of my work has an Asian feel incorporating free-form pieces of wood that may well have been destined for mulch, firewood or a landfill.

It is actually a great idea for a lot of people to have all parts of the house fulfilled with the wood such as the dining table, the coffee table, corner table, bedroom furniture, rustic beds, futon, pool tables, chairs, and so on. That is why when you think that you want this kind of style yet you do not have the right budget, you can find out imitate version of it by using the sawn lumber as the main materials. This kind of furniture piece has a wide range of the functions and also benefits for the main decor to be used and owned. That is why you need to look at your budget and buy this kind of furniture yet if you are unable you can find the imitation series of this furniture.

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