I'm a big fan of the classic "wood and steel" look, so I was planning on doing exactly the same thing to my SPX.
I have been looking for Mossberg 500 police wood furniture for two months on eBay and Gunbroker, and most sellers ask for $120-$250. If you are familiar with Mossbergs, I bet that you were a bit curious about the collars and spring welded to your New Haven 500AT's magazine tube when you swapped forends. I received my Mossberg parts gun today, and its police wood is just as as flawless of Slugo's was. For information on how to tell the Mossberg 500 series shotguns apart from the Remington and Winchester shotguns, please visit the 12 Gauge Pump Shotgun page. This includes all variations of the model 500 and 590, including the AT, hunting and field models, tactical, military & law enforcement models and special purpose models (like the Persuader, Cruiser and the 'Mariner'). USMC rule # 23 of gunfighting: Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet. The feel of the solid hardwood in the hand is much nicer than hollow plastic and makes the gun really feel like a real gun and not a toy.
Great now I'm going to have to get another Mossberg just for a second one with wood furniture! This stock and forearm has been stripped and would look great with a fresh coat of stain or lacquer.
IMPORTANT: Please note that you must now log in with your email address and not your username! I was thinking of trying to get wood for mine and contacted Mossberg but they never returned my contact. I spent several weeks trying to hunt down a walnut furniture for the 930 to no avail, so I finally said "screw it" and bought a new 28" 930 VR model with wood furniture just for its furniture.

Mossberg also had a combat police model, the 500 AT, which was not advertised for sale among sporting catalogs but was strictly aimed at police sales. The Mossberg 590 shotguns differ from the 500 series primarily because of the design of the cap for the shell tube.
They slide the rear part on first and then open the front with their fingers and the rebend it around the barrel. Walnut looks great on the SPX, but there were two issues that made me reconsider keeping the wood on my SPX. Like another poster said, you will need to worry about cheek weld and sight alignment when shooting. Here is a pic of my shotgun.
We see what the wood should look like if we buy a wood stock and a wood corncob forend that may not match and they need refinishing.
Auctions go for $100+, although I was outbid on a great set for $66 + $11 shipping when I slept through the end of the auction. Whenever you want to remove the action bars from the receiver, just use a strap wrench to first remove the magazine tube from the receiver. Almost all the part numbers in the schematic of the Owners Guide are only four digit numbers. The Home Defense model with black synthetic buttstock and a black riot fore grip with either an 18.5" barrel or a 20" barrel were both referred to as the 'Persuader'.
What's confusing is that the full stocked Mossberg 500 is called the Persuader, however, the Persuader always came with an optional pistol grip so that the user could swap stocks.
One, the wood furniture is quite a bit heavier than synthetic, so it made the SPX a little too heavy for my liking (and the SPX is already heavier than a regular 930 due to the rail, GRS and it's heavy barrel).
All is well because I won this parts gun auction yesterday for $115 +$25 shipping + $20 my FFL's fee, total $160.

The two Gunbroker pictures are not the best and they make the finish on the forend look worn, but that's poor lighting.
Which is why we see shotguns identified as 'Persuaders' with pistol grips, however, that is a modification made by the owner and not a factory configuration.
The second issue is that you can't use spacers with the wood stock, so you can't raise the stock for the proper cheekweld with the GRS (on my SPX, I raised the stock to the max with .375 spacer and it's still a little too low). The trigger assembly housing is sheered off just past the disconnector, which mystifies me how that happened.My first objective was to determine if someone had bought the wood to install on a project gun.
If it was necessary it would be a minor amount at the top where the barrel contacts the wood forend.
Oh, and one other thing is that I installed QD sockets on my synthetic stock for sling attachment, and you can't do that with wood stock.
Between the aluminum receiver, shorter barrel, and shorter stock, the thing handles like a dream. Each succeeding layer will have less and less mineral spirits as a thinner, with very light 320 grit sandpaper sanding between coats. Last year I won an auction for a new Mossberg Persuader that had no barrel, so I put a 20" barrel and a seven-shell magazine tube on it. I could now put those on this gun and make it into a riot gun again (if that's the case), so that the serial number will match Mossberg's record of how the gun left the factory.

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