If your mom was like mine, she warned you to always wear clean underwear in case you got in an accident and had to go to the hospital. Around the 1970′s furniture makers began using thinner veneers on particle board, medium density fibre boards (MDF) and plywood cores.
In our experience, veneer over solid wood is easier to repair, because wood can be patched and even glued back into shape. Yes, it does matter what’s underneath the veneer, especially if it is damaged and needs to be repaired.
I think she thought it would be a reflection on her if the doctor had to cut off your already torn underwear to operate on you.

Some of the benefits of using particle board, MDF and plywood are that it is cheaper, saves trees, and does not warp like solid wood can. Even high end plywoods can be repaired in most cases because it is made with several layers of wood and glue. If a part of the piece is crushed, dented or broken, it cannot just be glued back into place like wood can. However, if particle board and MDF gets wet, it will swell, never to return to its original shape. A good way to check is to look underneath the piece, under the table top, under the legs, behind the drawers.

Solid wood can sometimes warp, shrink or expand depending on humidity, causing veneer to crack.

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