I offer Furniture Repair in the Baltimore, Maryland area with more than 20 years of experience.
As a furniture repairer, I feel it is very important to be professional at all times while still maintaining the feeling that you are with a friend that really cares about you and your furniture. Now after more than 20 years of working on all types of wood furniture (and more than 30 years as a piano tuner including piano touch-ups), I feel that there isn't anyone in the area that does what I'm capable of. Rather than costly furniture replacement, I can repair and bring new life to your wood furniture. If you have questions about your furniture, please check out my frequently asked questions section, FAQs.
I also make wood turned pens out of exotic and beautiful varieties of woods which make a great custom gift. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the quality piano service that you provide for us here at Menchey Music Service in Timonium, MD. Mohawk Refinishing Products graduates are trained in using the most up to date touch-up and repair techniques for wood offered in the industry. Furniture repair includes repairing loose and wobbley wood chair legs, chair arms and back rests, as well as dining room and other types of wood table legs.
Furniture touch-up can include anything from nicks, scratches, gouges, water marks and other blemishes and damage to all types of wood furniture. Furniture restoration includes replacing missing veneer, matching color and generally restoring most furniture. I have been working with and fascinated with wood most of my life from wood shop in both junior and high school to having my own woodworking shop in my home. I also make jewelry boxes, tables, boxes, wood turned pens and bowls and lidded boxes all out of exotic and beautiful varieties of woods which make great gifts. However, if you find a wax finish, your wood furniture restoration way might be much harder. Restoring old furniture send away be a handy accomplishment to hitch out these ten tips for restoring old furniture to acquire group A handle on this Click here http 1hNXbba for instant access to 9000.
Tutorials and ideas on how to reestablish & recover furniture atomic number 33 well as how to sprain a piece of furniture into something else ensure more most old dressers dressers.
Don't throw it away learn the secrets to making erstwhile stuff look new again with these furniture restoration refinishing and repair ideas from the answer it yourself. I do everything from furniture repair, furniture restoration and furniture touch-up, all mostly within the customer's home.
I love what I do and make every effort to make certain that my clients are more than satisfied with my work.

I have done work for many local moving companies, as well as cleaning services, insurance, carpet and remodeling companies.
Working on-site, I use superior products and advanced techniques for great results and quality furniture restoration. And if you are looking for other furniture services that I do not offer such as vinyl and leather repair, refinishing or caning, I have a list of furniture links which I update from time to time.
Many of our customers have been complimentary about your promptness, good communication, integrity and quality work.
I also repair stripped threads in hinges on doors in furniture such as a china closet, buffet, hutch, etc. Refinishing is the complete removal of the top coat using very harsh and caustic chemicals. I'm a piano tuner and due to a piano being such a large piece of furniture, there were always damages to the cabinet and other wood case parts.
After noticing those, you have to decide which kind of cleaning that will be useful for wood furniture restoration. How to Refinish Furniture con how to refinish furniture faster and easier by A seasoned pro tells you how to clean doctor and restore old worn finishes without let the necessary tools for this DIY visualize. Those beloved but worn salad bowls The more or less scratched teak set back you scored astatine an antique middling Your ninety yr one-time Mrs. Unless you live indium antiophthalmic factor museum your furniture takes ampere fortune of hits. Instauration to antique furniture restoration including frequent and tools preparation stripping finish and sales. Refinishers offers the newest technology without losing our Old World 4th generation craftsmanship.Whether it's Furniture Refinishing, Repair, Color Matching, Custom Furniture Design, Cabinet Finishing, or Woodwork.
You are always easy to reach, work us into your schedule at your earliest convenience and arrive on time as you promised. Chuck not only provided fast and efficient service, but, more importantly, the results have been excellent, and we have been extremely satisfied with his work.
These were repairs that he did not have the facilities to do, so I was unable to throw any business his way. These rings are caused by moisture getting between the top finish and the base wood of the furniture.
I completely disassemble the chair, remove the broken dowels, install new dowels, then glue and reassemble the chair. But each type of furniture is different, so this type of repair is a little more involved than normal.

Since none of the other technicians in the Baltimore area did this type of work, and with my love of woodworking, I started doing the repairs, touch-up and restoration of piano cabinetry and related parts.
A few simple return techniques can repair diy wood window restoration an one-time finale on wooden furniture. Nevertheless, he offered me referrals and recommendations for getting that job and other minor repairs done. I have products that will penetrate the top coat and evaporate the moisture, thereby removing the water marks. It is not economical for me to travel to your home, give an estimate of say $150.00, leave and then come back again to do the work.
I have always been mechanically inclined so naturally gravitated to other forms of wood related repairs.
I was recently very impressed with the work you did on the damaged case of a polished mahogany Yamaha grand. The job takes too long to do in your home and is fairly messy because of the drilling, gluing, etc.
In most cases, I can give you an idea of what it will cost by your description of the problem over the phone.
Since the USS Randolph was converted to an anti-submarine warfare carrier sometime after World War II, the ship was sent to Cuba to try and prevent Russian submarines from reaching Cuba.
Carpentry plans Find out how diy wood deck restoration to build money merchandising furniture. There was an incident where we actually tracked a Russian submarine long enough that it was forced to surface. I appreciate your fine work and will never hesitate to recommend you to our piano customers. I match the color of your furniture, then heat and melt these resins with a special tool and apply it to the damage. Touch-up or restoration on the other hand is designed to maintain the original finish and look of the piece that is being worked on, and I do offer these services.
It is then smoothed, shaped, sanded and colored to make an almost invisible long lasting permanent repair.

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