Real wood furniture is extremely durable and long lasting, and is available in various colors, grains and hardnesses.
Our furniture is available in a wide variety of woods, each with its own distinctive grain patterns and colorations.
Parawood from the Far East is used for much of the furniture made in that part of the world. Radiata Pine is a plantation-grown wood from South America that is harder than other pines and has fewer knots. Family owned and operated, The Real Wood Furniture Store has been Central NY’s best source for quality, real wood furniture for more than 30 years.
Build a great pyramid for your garden in just a day or two.For an even more impressive project, add this topper to a Patio-Perfect Planter Box. Woodworking plans created by the editors of WOOD magazine contain detailed step-by-step instructions, clear illustrations, full-size patterns for curved and irregular pieces, materials list, and cutting diagrams. Start now, and you'll be enjoying sunsets from this beautiful piece of outdoor furniture in no time at all!
Using only portable power tools, you can turn dimensional lumber into the start of your deck, patio, or garden.

Our price is almost half of its real value if you’ll get this from mall furniture store. Come join us at our Newly Renovated Furniture Showroom in the shopping heart of Kitsilano, Vancouver.The spirit of Gifting is always an option at Briers.
Keep jewelry, letters, photographs and other cherished items in this stylish case that features an eye-catching ceramic centerpiece. Furniture beautifully crafted from real, solid wood, can be handed down for generations and remain in great condition after decades of use.
Among the most popular choices of hardwood are alder, ash, beech, birch, maple, oak and parawood.
To build it, you need only "one-by" and "two-by" cedar boards, screws, and the simple swinging hardware sources at the end of the article. The notched frame pieces lock together like Lincoln Logs, making the table solid as a rock. Plus, shop for easy-to-find materials on Saturday and, by Sunday, you'll be sitting on your own bench that's built to last for years. To resist the weather we've used a marine-grade wood finish and caulked the ice chest lid and drop-leaf table extensions just like a boat deck.

This span will turn your landscape into an object of admiration, even if you don't have a body of water to cross.
Buy a Gift Certificate for a Friend or Loved one to use Online or in Store!Welcome to Briers 2.0. This stylish Jewelry Box chest, made with eye-catching curly maple and wenge, is just the ticket. It ranks third behind oak and pine as the wood most commonly used for ready-to-finish furniture. Eastern maples are generally harder than western maples because of the colder winters and shorter growing seasons.
Come visit our 11,000 square foot warehouse to view many completes lines of furniture for your entire home.
Though the project looks sophisticated, the construction's surprisingly simple, thanks to the straightforward dado, rabbet, and groove joinery.

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