Spook up your front porch, walkway, foyer or any dark corner with this rustic recycling project that uses a (free!) wood pallet to craft a Halloween pumpkin you can display year after year.
Rat, Bat, Crow, and Black Cat Halloween Patterns - Build Your Own Halloween Party Decorations. Creepy Halloween templates bring these dark creatures to life with downloadable wood patterns from ezwoodshop. On a dark scary night you will find this feline in the pumpkin patch looking up at the moon!
This scroll-saw project with its simple pieces is very easy for novice woodworkers to complete. There are lots of special events in the neighborhood throughout the year, and including a Lantern Parade, chess for kids meetups, neighborhood-wide yard sale, household waste collection, and forums on property taxes, Project Connect, and I-35 just in 2014. The Cherrywood Plant and Book Swap is a held in the spring and fall, and is an opportunity for neighbors to share the bounty in their yards and bookshelves.

CNA hosted a neighborhood egg hunt and potluck on Friday, March 29 at the Cherrywood Green.  Approximately 40 parents and little ones (and a few big kids!) joined in the fun. The neighborhood also organizes an annual 4th of July parade down French Place that ends at Cherrywood Green.
It is a great opportunity to talk about gardening, clean out beds and bookshelves, get organized, go green and it’s free.
There were dozens of eggs filled with stickers, tatoos, bouncy balls, bracelets, goldfish crackers and more, as well as many cascarones. Everyone stays to celebrate the holiday with cookies and chilled lemonade courtesy of various neighbors.
To date more than 490 trees have been planted and some of the early trees are rather large now.
Kids, grown ups and pets dress up in costume and neighbors all along the street welcome trick or treaters.

However you look at it, the scene is scary enough to give goosebumps to any nighttime visitor to your house.
The event was co-hosted by the East Side Mommas Meetup group, to which many Cherrywood families belong. Following the instructions below for drybrushing, dry brush each piece in the following colors: drybrush orange with red, drybrush black and green with white, and drybrush yellow with gold. Using the picture as reference, glue the cat and smaller pumpkin onto the larger pumpkin.5.

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