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All of our handcrafted cutting boards make a great housewarming, Christmas, or a wedding gift. Cabinets bump out around the cooktop with fluted (grooved) columns on both sides, for a furniture-like appearance. Underfoot, the light wood floor has a natural finish, adding warmth to the room while maintaining a bright color scheme. Green plants on the countertop and in the dining area add life and color to the open plan great room.

Classy Counters: The polished granite on the island and main kitchen area contains beautiful blue, white, and gray minerals. It appears to be Azul Aran (aka Blue Paradise), a highly prized and exotic granite quarried in Spain. The ogee bullnose granite edge adds some shape and interest to the countertop while remaining easy to clean. Dreamy Design: The soft white backsplash contains a lower section of marble subway tiles, capped by a dark border tile. The island's granite countertop extends to overhang both sides of the island, providing additional surface area without encroaching on floor space.

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