Click here to see our recent appearances on ABC's hit show "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition". Faux iron straps are a subtle design choice that can hide seams between two faux ceiling beams or add visual appeal.
Weather around the world change dramatically and plays and change the atmosphere with no time. You may have an existing fireplace or mantel that needs to be dressed up or may be to give more attention and here we thought to bring up and discuss how to give an important role and make it the focal point or the best place for you to feel warm and comfortable.
A mantel can be just a shelf above the fireplace or a real decorative beams or moldings go around the open fireplace.
With time, people were creative to give new life to the basic fireplaces and they created overmantel, which is a decorative treatment above the mantel that often incorporates a picture, mirror, or some more shelving.
Again we always need to consider and give a second thought what fireplace or mantel type will suit you most with your decor plans. For traditional rooms, there are unlimited choice of reproduction and salvaged mantels in period styles, including Colonial and Victorian. As we mentioned, mantels can dressed up in many ways, to hold up all knickknacks or our favorite collection of candles or flower pots. Rustic kitchen designs embrace the rural lifestyle with robust cabinetry, warm colors, and hearty wood with plenty of character.
This traditional two-tone kitchen includes a dark cherry island surrounded by white cabinetry and a matching cherry armoire.
The mantel-style wood hood -- featuring half-round posts, decorative appliques, classic corbels, and a tall crown -- towers over the professional 48-inch range oven.

This Kitchen Photo Gallery: Traditional Kitchen Design - Two-Tone Kitchen CabinetsMore Kitchens: We have thousands of pictures of kitchens in many styles and colors! Traditionally, beam straps were used to reinforce beams, join separate beams or attach beams. You will not find a larger selection of faux wood beams™ and other molded products anywhere.
If you are experiencing heavy winter you always look for options to warm and a fireplace is invariably the focal point of any house or room during such conditions. These are just basic fireplaces, which people used to have in old days, which creates and symbolized the real fireplace in a house.
These mantels we can see from many Victorian days, which has decorated with mirrors flanked by shelves that displayed knickknacks. The pared down simplicity of a contemporary interior may go with a mantel less fireplace, for an example, a stucco finished wall around the opening or unadorned mantel. There is no limitation in any of these as long as it carryout the theme of the design plan whether it is traditional or contemporary.
Best of all, the popularity and beauty of rustic kitchens is not limited to mountain cabins, but can be found in suburban homes near you. Their down-to-earth style and lived-in looks make rustic kitchens among the most comfortable and inviting rooms to be in.
Deep red walls add to the color scheme, along with a natural stone backsplash, travertine style porcelain tile floors, and contrasting black and white granite countertops. Staggered height glass cabinets with mullion doors add interest to the left and right of the hood, while a framed basketweave backsplash tile pattern accentuates the cooking area.

With artificial wood ceiling beams, using beam straps can help add to the uniqueness and the realism of your designs.Our Beam Strap gallery features numerous beautiful ceiling designs from trusses and arches to coffered ceilings and simple parallel beam layouts. Antique kitchen cabinets, apron sinks, wooden beams and stonework are trademarks of great rustic kitchen designs.
In each of these though are faux iron beam straps which add subdued visual appeal, hide seams and generally enhance the look of ceilings.Take a look at the variety of designs possible when combining fake wood beams and beam straps to your home, office or business. Creative Decor Using Reclaimed Wood and Rough living room design ideas with reclaimed wood fireplace mantel. Wide-planked wood floors, antique brass hardware, knotty wood cabinets, and hammered copper all contribute to the earthy atmosphere of the rural lifestyle. Instead of glossy polished countertops, try honed or flamed granite which has a natural satin appearance. If you're feeling adventurous, soapstone or honed marble are also make great rustic countertops. If you love the style and simplicity of these rustic kitchens, be sure to take a look at the galleries of country kitchens and log home kitchens as well.

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