A living room is your showcase for the benefit of guests, which means you must put your best foot forward in this space. If you have light wooden floors you can continue the wood theme with light beige or brown walls.
If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Living Room Design Ideas, Paint Colors For Bathrooms, Paint Colors for Bedrooms and Master Bedroom Designs. The light chocolate shade for the walls adds a quiet contrast to the natural rocks pattern in this huge living room.
White walls with a touch of gray and a traditional fireplace give a vintage country home feel to this comfortable living room. The bright leaf green walls bring a touch of nature to this large living room space with plenty of natural light for a cheery feel.
Light suede shades on the walls are matched perfectly with the suede textured sofa in the living room. Done up with plenty of wood for the floors, neutral painted walls, and a plush gray sofa this is a large and stylish living room space. A rich green designer sofa along with crochet frames on the white-painted wall looks pure vintage. The light wall paint color brings a magic touch to the neon lighting arrangement on this living room ceiling. A play of textures in the sofa cover pattern and the wall art add an artistic feel to this living room. A light brown and white color combination for this living room goes well with the matte patterned wood floor. White paint color pairs well with the light brown furniture in this modern living room with a vintage feel.
This living room has been painted all white for a clean and cool feel, while the bright red carpet and blue wall decor add a colorful touch.
A cheerful combination of sunflower yellow with dense black looks really attractive in this small and modern living room.
The all gray color theme is broken by the bright red carpet in this living room with a view. Done up in a mixture of light purple for the walls and wooden shades for the floor this living room has a modern feel. Warm wooden flooring, beams on the ceiling, and the plush traditional sofa sets complete the vintage look of this living room. Patterns in delicate abstract designs of light brown and dark gray shades are the highlight of this beautiful living room. Done up with dark wooden floors this living room completes the classy look with an arrangement of old style masks along one wall.
The neutral shade of the full floor carpet goes well with the warm light brown used as the wall paint color in this living room. Delicate shades of gray paint color used throughout, from the walls to the sofa set, make this living room look extra spacious.

Light wooden shades make this horizontal living room look warm and friendly, while the dark wooden furniture adds a contrasting touch. The white wall paint color is beautifully matched with the matte striped wood inspired carpet in this living room. The rich maroon paint color adds a warm feel to the corner space in this stylish living room.
Wood tones dominate this living room throughout, from the canisters of the staircase, to the floor tiles, to the mantelpiece. White paint color for the walls adds a cool feel to this living room, while the long orange curtains look bright and colorful.
Plenty of white space, touches of green in the cane furniture, and graceful potted plants add a Japanese touch to this living room. The cool shade of gray forms a nice contrast with the bright and lighter reds in this warm and cozy living room.
Elegant tones of off-white contrast with the rich brown furniture in this stylish modern living room. Check out this beautiful living room done up with a paisley pattern curtain for the French window and a light wooden floor.
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In addition, having a sturdy roof outside can help suit the aesthetic appeal of the home in general, providing a perfect place to entertain guests and relax in good weather.
In this article, we will provide a few different ideas worth considering when looking into the possibility of a new patio roof. Patio Roofing Ideas This type of material is a trademark product which enables homeowners to create roofing designs for pool decks, patios, gardens and anything else you can think of.
Though, before choosing such materials, you should consult a roof expert in order to assess whether the structure of your roof will hold the weight. Need a few  backyard patio  ideas?After a quick brainstorming session,   Learn how to have a gorgeous  backyard  garden.
With the choice of a 5 piece dining set or a 7 piece dining set, you will positively find a table that is ideal for your outdoor furniture and entertaining. Here’s a selection of 30 awesome DIY ideas that we loved and decided to share with you. Every single one of us have our own idea of what’s beautiful, stylish, comfortable or functional, but you have to admit – whatever we make ourselves is automatically so much cooler! In any kind of house designs, bedroom has its own place to be having a special attention from the home owners. The modern design might be one of the most popular designs nowadays due to its simplicity, but why don’t you improve it to achieve more attractive and warmer bedroom design by also applying the classic concept. Whether you have an extra-large living room or one that is just big enough to fit in a sofa set, the Paint Colors For Living Room designs can totally change its mood and feel.
Painting the living room walls in neutral shades like pale brown, white, or cream lets you play around with how you do up the space.

The layout and color of furniture in a room really can make a difference to the whole look, and in some ways mood of the room (look wise), and ‘feeling of the room’ if you know what I mean! Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. With endless inspiration sources online, the do-it-yourself or simply DIY projects have become increasingly popular.
The bedroom is where you can relieve all the fatigue of the daily activity, therefore you need to have a nice and comfortable bedroom design to ensure your rest quality. Apply the color with the modern color application which features neutral colors such as brown, beige or white into the bedroom foundation element (wall, floor and ceiling). The flooring design can be integrated with the modern concept, which usually applies marble tile with pale color to match with the interior theme. To strengthen the ambience of the room, place the bedroom accessories which can come in a form of paintings, sculptures or carved photo frames. While gray color for the walls adds a cool and classy touch, reds and oranges are great if you want a bright splash of colors and warmth. With neutral shaded walls you can go for bright curtains, carpets, and furniture in the living room. Besides leaving you with a one-of-a-kind product of your imagination, it is also a great past time activity, one where you can also engage your family and friends. This hybrid concept is such one of the most unique idea to be incorporated into your bedroom. The classic concept is integrated with a complicated furniture design that is composed of many carvings and solid wood materials. You can also use color coordinated schemes and a play of patterns for the furniture and walls of your living room. You can choose a color combination like yellow and black that is full of drama, or go for a fresh green shade to add a natural touch to the living room. Choose the dressing table and a closet that has a natural wood color with carved ornaments.
If you have cane furniture and plenty of greenery painting the walls just white looks clean and stylish.
You can open up the space in a small living room with a light shaded color scheme, or go for a contrast of wall paint colors to add drama to the walls of a large living room.
Do not forget to use attractive lighting to bring out the best features of your living room space. The classic bedroom concept usually uses a single-layered bed with a carved ornament bed frame underneath.

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